#OutstandingBrands2022: A brand conglomerate — KonneKt World gaining access through brand extension

#OutstandingBrands2022: A brand conglomerate — KonneKt World gaining access through brand extension

After launching a structured, comprehensive global mentoring, professional development and career coaching programme called KonneKt Xperience, which leads professionals on the path to discover their authentic career paths as well as living fulfilling lives, the co-founders of KonneKt World, Phyllis Kuenyehia and Geraldine Mensah-Dartey, looked back on their own mentoring experience during one of their new products strategies meetings, on a cold February night in central Ohio, their USA office, and concluded that today’s digital tools and technologies like social networking platforms and applications would have further enhanced their  experience.

They remembered those times, assigned mentors, sponsors, and HR leaders were hard to reach and having tools that provided real-time access would have been very helpful. They also thought that adding a digital mentoring platform to manage and track mentoring programme progress would have added to their experience as well.

The story rolled from the central Ohio board room on that cold February night with the idea to launching KonneKt XP in Ghana. KonneKt XP is an innovative mentoring software tool to open possibilities. Konnekt World’s mentoring then took off to innovating on every day and common programmes.

KonneKt World mentoring programme experienced exponential success, thus the two co-founders learnt from their network of brand strategists that a significant part of a brand’s value or brand equity comes from its contribution in launching new products.

They leveraged this insight about new products, and the facts that there will be many benefits involved when the KonneKt brand is extended; it will be much less costly to launch new products under a successful existing brand like KonneKt, than it is to launch an entirely new brand, a “Branding Strategy” they both learnt in Business Schools. The brand extension idea took off and came in two different forms:

  1. KonneKt products introduced within the same category as the parent brand:
    • KonneKt XP: An innovative mentoring software that’s easy-to-use, affordable, and is a creative way to manage all your mentoring programme’s initiatives.
    • KonneKt Accelerated Career Transformation: – A leadership development programme to navigate between the old world and the new world of business. If you followed the skills you picked up in this programme, you will find yourself in rooms you never thought you’d be in.
    • KonneKt Career Analyzer: Answer a set of multiple-choice questions, and our algorithm will run an accurate assessment of your personality and discover your strengths and find the jobs that match you best.
    • MasterCard Foundation Preferred Mentors: Preparing candidates for social venture initiatives in Africa and beyond.
  2. KonneKt products introduced in a different category than the parent brand
    • KonneKt Corporate Training: A New Way to Upskill an Organization’s Employees. Building Soft and Leadership Skills in the New World of Work.

We use various story telling techniques and data to help organizations and their employees uncover and eliminate barriers to performance and well-being through series of planned interventions. These interventions include focuses group interactions, customised workshops and training programmes. We help you harness your organization’s potential and the potential of your people. Together with you we explore your challenges and leverage that experience to yield extraordinary results and solutions.

  • KonneKt HR: Performance Management and Employee Engagement Software. Connecting employees with leadership and colleagues in one click.
  • KonneKt Entrepreneurial Masterclass: Uncovering the small and medium business owners’ values, a roadmap to success in your business.
  • KonneKt/MIDA (Millennium Development Authority, Ghana) STEM Career Readiness Training: to support female students in STEM fields to gain practical skills relevant for the job market in the Energy Sector.

When it comes to mentoring, learning and development, employee engagement, performance management, corporate training there is much talk about what is not being done, what needs to be changed, how we must move faster and the cost this will involve. Although a necessary pill to swallow, it can be a bitter one for organizations. The problem with this mentality is that it is focused on the imperative to do things differently, rather than the opportunity that a more sustainable focus brings.

KonneKt World doing things differently means opportunities for innovation, access to new markets and changed relationships with key stakeholders across the value chain.  Presenting a growth mindset through branding is the reason for KonneKt World to create a stronger brand, and an improved organization. This sort of thinking has inspired the embedding of sustainability into the KonneKt brand extension strategy, rather than associating konneKt with singular moments, a problem to be fixed or short-term changes.

An important way we at KonneKt World have ensured our messages go the distance is to make sure that what we say, do and commit to are aligned with our wider purpose, to unlock growth opportunities around talent, innovation, and our brand.

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