#OutstandingBrands2022: Dredge Masters Limited — Sanitising the nation’s water bodies

#OutstandingBrands2022: Dredge Masters Limited — Sanitising the nation’s water bodies

Dredge Masters Limited (DML Ghana) is an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and 45001:2018 certified Ghanaian company and a leading provider of cutting-edge, modern technological dredging services. DML provides cost-effective dredging services to the government of Ghana and private institutions.

It maintains an ongoing partnership with Dutch maritime and engineering groups Royal IHC and Witteveen Bos for technical and project management support.

DML boasts the best technical engineers and hydrological engineering experts on its team; who typically have over a decade of experience.


DML Ghana has the capacity to conduct inland dredging that’s dredging/de-silting of rivers, lagoons, dams and other water bodies, flood control, and urban drainage, maintenance dredging as dredging of harbours, ports, rivers for nautical requirements; capital dredging and reclamation such as the deeping of ports, harbours, and rivers, reclamation of land for infrastructure requirements; sea defense including to control coastal erosion environmental dredging and beach nourishment.

DML provides the following services at an optimal cost: pre-project activities and project management services such as project feasibility, project design, environmental impact assessment, costing and budgeting, project management consultancy, bathymetric surveys, topographic survey and photogrammetric survey, quantity survey, and contract management.

DML’s dredging services are always preceded by a bathymetric and geotechnical survey to know the depth and quantity of silted materials in the dams as well as to make sure that their service is conducted to international standards.

DML is committed to providing international services at local cost.

Dredge Masters Limited

Types of equipment

DML’s fleet of dredging equipment includes a number of state-of-the-art amphibious dredgers (water masters), backhoe dredgers, excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, barges, beverage dredgers, long and short boom excavators alongside a fleet of tipper trucks.

Watermaster Dredger

DML owns a number of water master dredgers, ideal for civil engineering, and other elements of construction.

Its watermaster dredger possesses multipurpose functions and unique mobility to minimise the needed machinery at the site and thus minimise the strain on the environment while keeping fuel consumption and other operational costs low.

LongBoom Excavators

DML has a wide range of long boom excavators with an arm length of 18 meters, which are ideal for dredging silted materials in drains and some water bodies due to the reach of the long arm.

Cutter-Suction Dredgers

It also has a cutter-suction dredger – a stationary or self-propelled vessel that uses a rotating cutter head to loosen the material in the bed.

A suction inlet located beneath the cutter head (known as the suction mouth) is connected by a suction tube directly to one or more centrifugal pumps. The vacuum force at the suction inlet sucks up the loosened material. The suction tube and cutter head are attached to a ladder. The ladder with cutter head is positioned at the fore of the vessel.

Tipper Trucks

DML has also in stock fleet of tipper trucks for the haulage of the dredged materials and for the haulage of other materials.

Past project executed by DML

  1. The Accra Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Drainage Alleviation Project (AS3DAP)

The project entailed measures to prevent the perineal floods in Accra which are often a result of the overflow of the Odaw channel and Korle Lagoon. Following the June 3, 2015, fire disaster, which saw the severe loss of life and property, dredgers and dredging professionals were mobilised urgently. The scope of the project included the desilting and refuse removal in the Odaw channel, Odaw channel banks beautification, Korle lagoon dredging, Korle lagoon banks beautification.

  1. The Construction of Kaneshie First Light, Gbawe and Mallam Juction Storm Water Drainage System

The project was aimed at preventing flooding through the channeling of runoffs and flow from major streams and rivers upstream safely into the major water bodies within the catchment areas and finally through the outfall into the open sea.   A total of 5 km lined and culvert drains was constructed to minimize the impact of flooding within the communities and improve sanitary conditions.

  1. Trenching (Shore-Pull) and Post Trenching Civil Works and Dredging Project

This Oil and Gas Project (OCTP) was aimed at safely burying a gas pipeline on the beach of the Sanzule community, connected from an offshore platform to an onshore receiving facility. This project was further extended when the exposed charged pipeline was needed to be safely retrenched to ensure its complete submergence under the beach sand.

  1. Maintenance Dredging for the Freeport of Monrovia

This project had as its goal, increasing the depth and width of the Freeport of Monrovia access channel to allow for bigger commercial vessels coming into the port. The scope of the works was to survey the entire channel and basin of the port and pending the results of this pre-dredge survey, hydraulically remove sand and silt from the access channel and the basin areas of the port.

  1. Ningo Prampram Coastal Protection Project

The project involves the protection of five kilometers stretch of coastline via the Construction of armor rock revetment, Construction of armor rock groynes, and Land reclamation using suitable backfill material with the objective of preventing of eroding of the coastline of the Ningo Prampram community, protecting property, and structures along the coastline including the landing beaches of the fishing community.


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