Adom City Estate signs mortgage MoU with Republic Bank


“Why pay now if you can pay later”, that is the letter and spirit of a mortgage facility. It affords one the opportunity to own a property now while he/she pays back later on monthly instalment over an extended period of time. The Adom City Estate-Republic Bank business relationship dates back to the past 5 years. This partnership has always been a tripartite mutually beneficial relationship between Adom City Estate as a developer, The Republic Bank as the mortgage facility provider, and persons who are interested in acquiring properties using mortgage.

For such a tripartite business relationship to thrive, three parties are fundamental. One, credible    developer with an unquestionable capacity to deliver. Two, a bank with expertise and competitive mortgage rates, and most importantly, eligible clients. It is in this direction that we deemed it fit to renew and reaffirm our partnership with the Republic Bank (PLC) as a mortgage facility provider to our clients; hence, the signing of this memorandum of understanding (MoU) today, the 26th of September, 2022.

We are not new to the Republic Bank (PLC), neither are we new to the public as everyone knows our exploits and capacity to deliver. But for the purpose of publicity, we would like to reiterate a few things that make the Adom brand not only the industry leader in affordable housing in Ghana, but a formidable brand to do business with.

First and foremost is our ability to build over 2,000 housing units and still counting in a space of 10 years since inception. What this means, on the average, is that we are able to build over 200 housing units annually, making it an unbreakable record in the history of the Real Estate Industry in Ghana.

The second point worth mentioning is our recognition as a global brand, the brand that won the Best Developer – Mass Social Housing at the enviable Africa Property Awards, the year 2021 – 2022, coupled with our most recent global award won this month of September 2022 as the Industry Leader in Affordable Housing in Ghana at the just ended Africa Real Estate Conference and Expo awards organised in partnership with the Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA).

Also, sight must not be lost of the many local recognitions over the years as the 5 times consecutive winner, Ghana Property Awards as Best Developer of the Year – Mass Housing category between 2015 and 2019. Residential Developer of the year – Low Income Housing Category – Ghana Business Standards Awards 2021. Residential Developer of the year, Mass Housing Category –

Ghana Business Standards Awards 2019. Real Estate Company of the year, CENBA Africa Business Excellence Awards, 2019. 1st Runner-up, Mass Social Housing – Africa Property Investment Summit and Awards, 2017. This is just to mention a few.

As a pacesetter driven by a customer-centric principle, we launched the Adom Group contact centre in furtherance of this early this month. The centre is not only a call centre, but also a contact centre. This is because the system does not just answer or reply phone calls only, but we are also able to communicate with our clients using Live Chat, WhatsApp messages, SMS, Skype conferencing, etc. All this from a single client portal, so there is no switching between apps. You have the options to choose from web, desktop and mobile channels, etc. The platform is seamless to use as it provides a 360o professional customer service experience with no stress. What this also means is that our clients and prospective clients can reach us 24/7 across the globe.

We want to reassure our partner – The Republic Bank, our customers, and the general public that Adom City Estate will always deliver services and products that meet international standards and best practices, and are on time.

In conclusion, we are glad to announce the hope and opportunity we have for all persons who may not be eligible for a mortgage facility or may not be interested in a gated community or both and all other persons who have one or two ongoing building projects they are struggling to complete. The Adom City Estate Home Completion Policy is here for all such persons. The policy gives one the opportunity to hand over his/her uncompleted building projects to Adom City Estate to complete for them while they pay back later on monthly instalment basis. Our doors are always open. Be on the watchout for more from Adom City Estate.

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