Wheel of life series with LADY SAM: Customer service dramatised


As a customer service trainer, I would say that it is important that customer service is seen as a two-way conversation. Customer service provides the opportunity for an organisation to get close to their customers and improve upon the services they provide. I often get asked: “What is the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience?” I always say that customer service forms part of the customer experience. The customer experience looks at the end-to-end interaction, or rather it looks at the holistic perception of the customer and how they experience the brand or business. Customer service, therefore, is the assistance given by a business to those who patronise their goods or services.

To commemorate International Customer Service Week, which is next week, I am partnering the play titled: ‘Skirts and Suits’, written in Nii Commey’s handwriting. Playwright Nii Commey, through his storytelling, uses drama to expose the good, the bad and the ugly that can occur in the office. The play, which will be a night of experiential corporate stage dramedy, will be showing on October 1, 2022 at the Bediako Theatre, GNAT Hall. This is a night for the family, and it will also be a night for corporate Ghana.

Customer service is not something that needs to take a back seat anymore; it is paramount, and it is the lifeline to the business. In some organisations, it has been said that 70 percent of the business comes from repeat customers. I would entreat every business to remember that the customer is King or Queen; and therefore, they should be treated as such when interacting with your business.

Come out and watch ‘Skirts and Suits’ this Saturday not only to see things from a customer’s perspective, but also for you to be entertained!

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