Poetry Corner: Angels Love Heaven 

poetry corner

The storm lies in wait

Awaiting the wind to break

Enduring the calm before the windstorm

The wind is free

Awaiting the storm to break free

The wind frees the storm to leap free

There is wind in the storm


The wind in the storm

The me in you

The you in me

Meets the you and me in us

I love you

…and me


The honeybee

The honeycomb

Honey combed from bees

Sweet honey and stinging bees

In a honeymoon


Bees that make their honey

Bees that lick their honey

Bees that love their honey

Here I come

My sweet  honey


The moon shines unto the night

Onto the dark night to shine

The night shines unto their path

Onto the darkness of the night

Into a moon shadow

Into my heart from a cupid’s arrow


A hand stretches to the moon

A hand of kisses…to the moon

The moon stretches a hand of kisses of love

…to the stars

But l,

I love your kisses


The sky loves the blue

In the blue, the stars dazzle

In the blue, the moon dances

In the blue, the sun rises

But l,

I rise and dance and dazzle for you


In the blue, the moon stargazes

In the blue, the stars starlit

In the blue, the sun sets

On a starry night

But I,

I set my gaze into your light


In the blue,

The moon moves light years away

The sky breaks a new day

The sun makes a new hay

Out of the blue

But you,

You chase away

…my blues


After a berth at the seaside

The blue whale dives deep in the ocean

Ferried by deep emotion

The blue whale beds at sea

Deep in the seabed

Buried below the sea’s tide

But I,

I cuddle at your side


With arms wide open

The sea blue enwraps the blue whale

With jaws wide open

The blue whale gives up Jonah for the sea

The blue whale swallows the sea blue

But I,

I give up on the fantasies

Just for you


Angels love heaven

But I,

I love you


(C) SKBissue November 2022

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