CEO Pryme set to invest US$10M in the music industry

CEO Pryme set to invest US$10M in the music industry

Entertainment analysts have always emphasized that what is lacking in Ghana’s music industry is an investment, and with the right investment, the country will make an exploit in the music and other creative arts-inclined industries.

With this backdrop, Ghanaian-born business mogul, George Graham, popularly known as CEO Pryme, who moved to the United States with his parents when he was two years old, is now back to make a statement in the Ghanaian music industry with his EZ Streets Record label.

According to the CEO Pryme, in collaboration with his record label, EZ Streets, his outfit is set to inject US$10 million ($10,000,000) into the Ghanaian music industry to make it more attractive to other investors and also encourage upcoming talents to be more creative with their craft.

Speaking to the business mogul, he said he has recognized that most musicians in Ghana use their own funds to invest in their music craft due to a lack of support from reputable music brands or management. “This does not help the artist to grow creatively, EZ Streets records will lessen these burdens and give music people sound minds to work on good music,” he said.

He added that Ghana’s music industry is endowed with great music potential and is mostly hindered by a lack of investment and proper management, “There is a huge potential for music talents out there if only things are done right,” he reiterated.

Over the years, governments and investors have failed to invest their money in music, especially because of attitudinal issues and some level of supposed “ungratefulness” on the part of creatives.

Pryme is known for everything in music, from songwriting to singing to producing to being an expert in artist branding.

He was born in Ghana to Fante parents who hail from Saltpond in the Central Region and was raised in the USA. He graduated from the University of Bridgeport with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and also owns several businesses in America.

CEO Pryme started as a musician. He was signed to one of the subdivisions of Atlanta Music Records. He has worked on a couple of mixtapes and EPs and has songs with renowned music stars like French Montana, Gucci Mane, and a lot of popular American hip-hop stars.

Due to his passion for music, he has set up the EZ Street record label to invest in music talents ready to excel with their craft.

According to him, his experiences working as a music brand expert at one of the renowned record labels in the US inspired him to impact young talents with his EZ Street Records.

EZ Street’s corporate headquarters are located in the USA and Ghana. The label is gearing up to be the world leader in music-based entertainment.

EZ Street Records is currently looking forward to signing up more Ghanaian music talents who are willing to take their music to the global stage.


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