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How to achieve your goals in 2023.

As a life coach I often get asked: “How do I achieve my goals?” I always say the same thing: “There are just a few consistent steps that you need to take to get you from where you are to where you need to get to”. Therefore, please find below the steps you need to take in 2023 to achieve your goals.

Step one: The first thing you need to do is to write down your goals. You need to write down a list because without writing down your goals/list they are just thoughts and are not tangible; therefore, you may find it difficult to work toward anything.

Step two: Get a vision board. Remember that a vision board is just simply a visual representation of the goals that you wish to achieve. Keep your vision board in a place that you can see it daily since seeing it daily encourages you, especially as an image. The visuals connect you; they make assessing your goals tangible – that is the power of visualisation.

Step three: If you are a person of faith, find a scripture to stand on for each of your goals.

Step four: Don’t be discouraged if your goals haven’t manifested yet. Trust the process; there is a process, just trust it.

Step five: Keep pushing. Yes, it is like the earlier point but it is true. This is something that you must keep in mind when you are in pursuit of your goals. Oh yes! And be happy when you are doing it. You must be intentionally happy during the pursuit of your goals; don’t just focus on the end goal because the journey is also part of the story and should be appreciated.

Step six: Do not be sidetracked by somebody else’s journey. Rather use that to motivate yourself. When you see someone who is somewhere you would like to be, let that be an encouragement to you.

Step seven: The last step is to always think of your goals in the present tense. Already see yourself at that place; in other words, be positive and believe that with your consistent efforts, you will win.

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