Dakota James: Leading Model Explains How She Flourished amidst the Pandemic


Coronavirus has harmed just about every industry in the world.

However, some have flourished.

There’s been so much talk of an incoming baby boom due to the worldwide lockdown, but what about those without partners? Step forward Dakota James.

She’s an American model who describes herself as “very adventurous, and will do just about anything” for her fans.

She’s been getting a massive spike in horny requests from her followers this year. “Business has definitely gotten better this year!” says pretty Dakota James, 23 from upstate New York.

Dakota attributes at least some of her new business to the coronavirus lockdowns, which are now being gradually lifted around the world.

When asked why the pandemic has made such a difference she simply replies,  ‘Idle hands, I guess!’.

The model who has racked up 1.2M fans on her Instagram page didn’t always used to work in a sexual setting. Before her job as a model she worked as a special needs carer.

“I did enjoy that,’ she says. ‘But I definitely make more money now!”.

She even claims she wasn’t very attractive when she was younger and says she was ‘far from the hottest girl in high school’. Ever since quitting that job and moving into the modelling word the fans have been watching her in droves.

“I’m now more confident than ever,” she says.

That confidence now allows her to fulfil many of her fans’ most outlandish fantasies.

“One time someone asked me if I could grate cheese on my feet and then eat it,” she reveals. “I did it! Don’t worry though I had clean feet!”

Dakota has grown extremely fond of her army of fans.

“I have a great relationship with them overall,” she gushes. “They always keep me laughing. I am very interactive and I care about them and they do me. Okay, sometimes I have to remind them about boundaries but I am very happy with my fans and our relationship”.

“I get marriage proposals daily, just look at any picture on Instagram”

One follower, in particular, took his devotion to extraordinary levels.

“A fan got me tattooed,” says Dakota. “It was pretty cool.”

Clever Dakota also applies subtle marketing tricks to figure out what content her horny fans want from her going forwards.

“I tend to post a few pictures, labelled 1, 2 and 3,” she says. “When fans tell me what they like better, that helps me interact with them. Mostly I enjoy posting in my birthday suit though,  less is more!”

Dakota, who describes her vibe as “corky, sexy and fun”, spends her money on shoes and, when life returns to normal, looks forward to hitting the gym.

And for now, believe it or not, Dakota is single.

“Unfortunately, it’s hard to find someone that’s comfortable with my job,” she says.

If there are any wannabe suitors out there reading this, Dakota James has this advice:

“Just be yourself, and be confident. Also, I love bad pick up lines! So give me your best shot.”

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