Tea time with Camilo Doumat


A recognized person in the world of ecommerce and luxury car fanatic, here’s the story of Camilo Doumat. Let’s delve.

With over more than 1 million dollars in turnover, Camilo stands out for his results. He shares how people started to express interest in what he does by looking at the two Lamborghinis shared on his Instagram page. Camilo says that it was a part of his personal brand building exercise.

Through e-commerce Camilo has made 1.3 million dollars in one month and has sold 100k in one day. But it was not a stoke of luck for Camilo rather a result of perseverance and commitment to his goal.

Camilo shares that it has always been his dream to have an online e-commerce business, a dream which didn’t let him sleep. What went into Camilo’s feat of becoming an e-commerce expert? Lots, Camilo expresses, but most importantly two things – relentless effort and sacrifice. He shares, “I am what I am today because of e-commerce. All the money that I have made has got to do with e-commerce and the brands I’ve had the fortune to work with.”

Driving on the road to success in a Lamborghini

Camilo had his eyes set on a Lamborghini when he was a little kid . He used to dream of exotic cars and today, at the age of 25 Camilo has two Lamborghinis. Ask him how did he made this possible, he says, “Nothing I just set a goal for myself that I will have my first Lamborghini when I am 30 years old and kept working towards it. It’s like I was running a race and I could see the finishing line coming closer and closer to me. All I had to do was keep running. You see, when you are sincere and committed to something nature has to yield. That’s what happened with me too and God blessed me with not one but two beautiful Lamborghinis.”

Having his own e-commerce business has radically changed Camilo’s life. It has helped him to become financially independent and free from the trouble of being bossed around. Camilo says that he is his own boss.

Now, Camilo is planning to invest a better part of his time in teaching others to transform their lives for the better. He is an expert in creating, promoting and growing brands digitally and is the reason behind many stores that invoice millions of dollars.

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