Hassan Mahmood’s Expert Tips to Help Youngsters Achieve Their Dreams


Every entrepreneur’s goal is to become successful; however, most do not know that success does not happen overnight. Business is a circumstance of trial and error; learn what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Hassan Mahmood is a top retail business owner in the USA and a firm believer in following your passion and being in an environment that does not limit your potential. He runs a subway franchise, gas station, and convenience store. Success requires sacrifice and putting the business first; according to Hassan, he works seven days a week with an average of 12 hours each day.

Here are five pro tips by Hassan for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Build long term relationships

By treating your clients well and providing them with unique quality products or services with time, they learn to trust you and even refer their fellow associates. Long-term relations are also helpful when it comes to cross-promotion.

  • Inspire your team

Create a conducive work environment for you and your team. Your employees are crucial in making your business successful; treat them as your partners and give them room to air their opinions. Educate on good customer service to help the business stand out.

  • Work on delivering value rather than profit

As an entrepreneur, don’t work with a mentality of getting rich fast. Prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring you meet all their needs. Remember, your customers are your bosses, and by providing them with high-quality services, you will be growing as a brand while at the same time growing your client.

  • Surround yourself with the best

Find a support system that understands your goal and is on the same page with you. A mentor gives you a better insight into the industry and the various challenges and how to overcome them.

  • Take your time to do market research.

Before entering the industry, try to understand the market. Identify the market gaps and also analyze competition levels. This will help in coming up with strategic ways to promote your business and also penetrate the industry.

Using Mahmood’s advice, a startup entrepreneur will help understand the market and work your way to the top. Remember that failure is never an option; use the lessons learned to become better and rise again. Choose something you are passionate about and works towards achieving it.

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