Zenith Bank makes payments easy via digital product offerings


Payment in today’s digital era goes beyond just a legal tender for the exchange of goods and services; it must be done fast, easy, secure, and safe.

Payment has always been an essential component in doing business. Accurately billing customers and receiving payment on time is critical in every transaction. Over the years the means for payment have evolved to enable it to be done faster, easier and more securely. Today, there are many non-cash payment instruments being used by many businesses.

In agreement with Bank of Ghana’s objective for encouraging the use of non-paper-based instruments instead of cash, Zenith Bank Ghana has on several occasions been the first to introduce innovative banking products in the Ghanaian market.

Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) Platform

Amongst its flagship products is the Zenith Corporate Internet Banking platform (CIB), an automated direct payment solution for businesses to effect a variety of financial obligations.

In June 2020, when the Government of Ghana launched the Ghana.GOV digital service and revenue collection platform to serve as a single point of payment for Government of Ghana services for the public sector, Zenith Bank was one of the first banks to quickly integrate its corporate internet banking platform with the Ghana.GOV platform so customers of the Bank could conveniently pay fees and bills associated with government services electronically without visiting the banking hall.

With this integration, customers can seamlessly effect Ghana Revenue Authority Payments such as Custom Duties, Corporate Taxes, Income Taxes  and other GRA Taxes, pay Passport Application Fees for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana, pay business set-up fees and tourism fees for the Registrar General’s Department as well as for the Ghana Tourist Authority anytime, anywhere.

Other government payments that can also be processed using the Zenith CIB platform are SSNIT Tier 1 direct payments and payments for insurance logistics to the National Insurance Commission by insurance companies.

Additionally, customers can make non-government related payments such as broadband data payments for Vodafone Ghana, Axis Pension and Savings Plan deductions as well as shipping line payments and duties for Meridian Port Services Ltd.  All these payments can be set up on CIB to be effected automatically on specific dates to avoid any penalties for late payments.

Why choose Zenith CIB

From the comfort of your home or office, you can log in and carry out your business transactions any time of the day. Aside from the convenience it offers, it is an even safer channel for all your electronic banking transactions particularly in these times of COVID-19.

The platform gives users a variety of payment options which include card payments, instant transfers as well as e-wallet and direct debits. There is no limit to the number of times you can make a transfer.

A special feature is also enabled to allow for the setup of multiple signatories’ approval for all or some amounts of payments. Irrespective of the location of signatories, they can log in to Zenith Bank’s CIB platform and approve payments.

Every transaction on the platform also generates a summary notification that can be sent to a customer’s registered email address or mobile number with the Bank. These contacts can be changed when it becomes necessary to do so.

The most critical feature to note about Zenith CIB is the two-factor authentication that requires additional verification beyond account login details. This has been put in place to guard against instances where login details may be compromised.

Zenith Bank has also made available to the Ghanaian market, diverse electronic channels that make digital payments easy and contribute to a cash-lite Ghanaian economy.

Other Payment Platforms

GhQR Code

The latest addition to the Bank’s non-cash payment instruments is the GhQR Code, a Quick Response (QR) contactless way of making and/or receiving payments. This can be done by scanning the GhQR code displayed at a merchant store or outlet using one’s mobile phone camera or via the imputation of a merchant code also displayed at a cash out area at any merchant location.

To make GhQR payments using Zenith Bank’s USSD short code, customers and non-customers of Zenith Bank simply dial *966*3#, select Zenith Merchant Pay or GhQR payment option, enter Merchant Code or Terminal ID and follow the prompts to complete payment.

Eazypay GH Dual Card (Eazypay Card)

Another first by Zenith Bank was the Bank’s roll-out of the Eazypay GH Dual Card (also known as the Eazypay card), a single card with the dual functionality of an e-zwich card and a Gh-Link card.

So thrilled was the leadership of the Ghana Interbank Payments and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) that the CEO of GhIPSS, Mr. Archie Hesse, was present for the Bank’s first issuance and test of its Eazypay GH Dual card. Mr. Hesse commended the Bank for its early adoption strategy, for partnering with GhIPSS on the project and for championing the nation’s cashlite agenda.

The card which forms part of the local electronic payment ecosystem has a myriad of benefits to users. Customers can use this card on all local bank ATMs, POS terminals and Hybrid terminals on the Gh-link platform as well as on local ecommerce platforms in Ghana. The card comes with a 3D secure authentication that provides additional security for payments made with the Gh-link option of the card only. It also comes with relatively lower transaction fees.


ZMobile is Zenith Bank’s Mobile Banking App which enables customers to perform banking activities on the go from their mobile devices. With the banking app, instant transfers, checking account balance, paying utility bills, topping up investments among others can be effected anytime, anywhere.

Zenith Point of Sale Terminal (POS)

The Bank continues with the expansion of its POS terminal network across the country. Customers can find Zenith Bank’s POS at restaurants, pharmacies, malls and other merchants’ locations and conveniently use their Visa and Mastercards to make payment on the Bank’s PoS terminals.

Zenith POS terminals allow for either of the following verifications: Biometric, PIN, and signature. The Bank’s terminals also conveniently enable customers to “tap and pay” for their purchases.  Merchants can be assured of real-time settlement, great reduction in cost of handling cash and a 24-hour accessibility when they sign up for a Zenith PoS terminal.

Zenith GlobalPay

This is Zenith Bank’s enabled online marketplace where merchants can display their products and customers can make purchases. Users can trust the high level of security on this platform. Every transaction between merchants and buyers are secured.

Merchant benefits include:

  • Customers pay directly into your account before shipping of goods
  • Increase in sales as customers trust and buy from vendors/sellers on the platform
  • Merchants who already have a website can have a payment platform integrated by the bank

Customer benefits include:

  • Buying from a trusted vendor online
  • You can trust the product you are ordering.
  • Complaints can be swiftly addressed by the bank
  • A great opportunity to use your card for buying on a secured platform.

Zenith Bank Ghana has an unrivalled reputation for developing reliable, fast, convenient and secure banking products that cater to the financial needs of its corporate clientele and the general Ghanaian populace.

The Bank’s commitment to innovation is in line with its vision of being a reference point in the provision of prompt, flawless and innovative banking products and services in the Ghanaian banking industry. It is therefore poised to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that digital evolution is presenting and to leverage on this to achieve its quest of becoming a market leader in all parameters in the next two years.

The Bank remains committed to continuously investing in its people and infrastructure, innovating its products and services, exploring strategic partnerships, and putting the customer at the heart of everything it does. For more information on the Bank’s payment platforms, contact Zenith Direct, the Bank’s 24hour Customer Contact Centre on 0302-680884 or 0542000111.

Zenith Bank Ghana is a subsidiary of Zenith Bank Plc with its Head Quarters in Lagos, Nigeria. It has presence in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, United Kingdom as well as representative offices in Dubai, South Africa and China.

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