Nour Khodr Reminisces the 3 Most Cherished Moments of His Professional Career


Nour Khodr had an interesting journey soon after he was scouted by the TV show, The Voice. With the amount of recognition he got from that show to launching his own music, things soon started to change for Nour. However, with all the good things happening in life, Nour had to face some struggles as well, but his struggles didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams.

We had an opportunity to talk to Nour Khodr and find out more about this brilliant mind. We asked him about his three most cherished moments of his professional career. And without waiting for anything, he shared three beautiful moments that he will never forget.

  1. Being Scouted by The Voice

Everyone knows about The Voice. It is an immensely popular show that gives a platform to young talent like Nour Khodr to showcase what they have got. Nour says that it was The Voice that gave him a platform to showcase his talent in front of a larger audience. The time he has spent on the set to being scouted by the whole team, to seeing himself on The Voice stories made him feel extra special. He enjoyed the connection he made there, and he learned a lot from the mentors. The stories with his image on them increased the fan following of Nour Khodr. And he remains forever grateful to The Voice.

  1. When Nour Khodr Helped Others to Reach Their Goals

Nour Khodr always had a dream to help others. And his success has allowed him to help others as much as possible. He says that he feels immensely honored that raw talents have reached out to him, and he has helped them shape their career, scout them, introduce them to different TV shows and agents. Seeing them grow makes him feel proud of himself. He feels happy doing that, and he looks forward to helping more and more talented people.

  1. Top Talent Inception

With so much going on in his life, Nour Khodr clearly remembers the day when he launched his social media agency “Top Talent.” Nour recalls, “this was the turning point of my life, and I feel immensely blessed that I had my parents’ support and people that recognized my talent and worth.” Top Talent inception is an achievement for Nour Khodr and something that he will forever cherish.

These are the three most cherished moments of Nour Khodr’s lives, and we can only imagine what else this young talent is capable of doing.

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