Why Tina Turner came out of retirement


A new musical based on the life of Tina Turner is set to open in the West End in 2018 – and the singer even came out of retirement (somewhat reluctantly) to work on it.

“Retirement is wonderful,” Turner says as she launches Tina: The Musical in London.

“You sleep long, do what you want, decorate the house two or three times. Just easy things that you dreamt about when you were working and that’s all you did.”

She says her lifestyle when she was famous involved spending most of her time on tour buses, planes and cars, adding: “That was work and that’s sometimes what you had to do.

“But you had a dream not to have to do any of it.”

‘Learning and experiencing’

Turner, whose hits include The Best and What’s Love Got To Do With It, was initially reluctant to sign up for working on the show, which opens at London’s Aldwych Theatre in April.

“I didn’t want to because I didn’t really understand it or agree with it, whatever there is – the magic between stage and music is totally different,” she says. “So I’m learning and experiencing what musicals are about.”

The producers of Tina had to fly out to Switzerland, where Turner now lives, to convince her to give the project her blessing.

Credit: BBC

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