When hair care meets technology with Mizani’s “Bond pHorce”


Understanding Hair Care products and the inner workings of the hair itself requires more expert guidance and direction to ensure that you are given the best care and treatment without compromise. This can be achievable if the Salonor Stylists have the necessary information and knowledge about balancing your hair and scalp with the right products.

Mizani, a professional salon-exclusive brand under L’Oréal West Africa with over 25 years of research throughout the United States and Sub-Saharan Africahas gained a unique understanding of textured hair by creating the “environment” for multiple hair transitions.Mizani, a Swahili word to mean Balance; balance of moisture for easy to maintain and strength with protein is designed as a trustworthy brand that helps women maintain their most inspirational African hairstyles.

At the launch event held at Luxury Living in Accra, Christian Nyassa, General Manager, Professional Products Division for L’Oréal, Sub-Saharan Africa explains that “we are providing healthy, easy to manage solutions for all types of hair such as relaxed hair, natural hair, weaves and braids. The idea is to elevate the profession in Ghana to make Mizani the most trustworthy brand in top Salons. We are working very hard with salons to actually buildthe skills.”

“Mizani is the professional authority for textured hair worldwide which provides consumers and stylists with superior and innovative salon services and product solutions to transition looks with confidence while maintaining a healthy and hair and scalp. The products are formulated with a precise balance of protein and moisture to meet the needs of all types of textured hair,” press release stated.

Mizani has built a strong foundation in Africa which includes opening Mizani Institutes throughout Africa and later building a Research and Innovation Center in South Africa and a School where people get trained to become professional hairdressers with similar partnerships institutions in Nigeria.

Aimed at elevating the professional hairdresser industry in Ghana, Mizani has engaged in a series of activities since it entered the Ghanaian market approximately two years ago by creating most the trustworthy brand in salons.

One of the key introductions the brand has made is the creation of “Salon Experts” Label. These are high standard guarantee salons trained by Mizani to offer the best services to consumers and also help them to run their businesses successfully.

Currently, there are 30 Salon Experts with plans to train more to about 60 by 2018. With the label of quality, Salons will be supervised and monitored each year to ensure that they keep up with the standard required. These Salons will be available on the Salon Locator which will provide you with the list of Salons based on your location.

Another introduction is the professional Academy which has so far trained over 400 salon professionals in product knowledge, trends and techniques to help further elevate the profession with plans underway to increase this number to 600 by end of 2018.

Mizani Stylists are trained through a unique process specializing in textured hair with an emphasis on education, salon profitability and state of the art Hairdressing techniques.

The third introduction Mizani made is the BondpHorceNew Hair Care technology which was launched earlier this year. The breakthrough technology called the Bond pHorce is an innovation designed to make women aspire and realize their biggest desire which is not just to have shiny and healthy hair but also long hair.

Mizani offers a complete line of professional treatment, relaxers, shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed for all types of hair designed to meet the expanding needs to today’s global beauty consumer, and more specially the sub-Saharan consumer.

The Mizani brand and its key mission to offer professional-grade solutions without compromising the condition of hair and scalp comes in a timely fashion where many African women are still struggling to find solutions to the many hair issues being faced with especially for those of us who have completely transition from the permed hair to a complete natural hair.

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