Fidelity Bank champions exhibit excellence at Toastmasters Africa Conference, speech contests

Julian Opuni (2nd from Right), MD of Fidelity Bank and Atta Yeboah Gyan (1st from Left) in a pose with Esteban Amegashitsi (2nd left) and Glory Boateng (middle) as well as Kwasi Agyeman-Badu (far right)  

Fidelity Bank, Ghana’s largest privately-owned Bank and an exemplar of all-round excellence, recently underscored their commitment to excellence in all endeavours through the outstanding achievements of Esteban Mawutor Amegashitsi and Glory Boateng, staff of the Bank, who emerged as national public speaking champions and represented Ghana at the prestigious Toastmasters Africa Convention held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Esteban and Glory, champions from Ghana in the International Speech Contest and International Evaluation Contest, respectively, proudly displayed their talents alongside 40 of Africa’s most skilled orators in a series of challenging semi-final contests. The two champions who are both staff of the Bank, and also dual members of the Fidelity Corporate and Orange Heights Toastmasters Clubs, advanced to the grand finale in their respective categories.

Glory Boateng went on to place overall 3rd in the International Evaluation Contest -Africa, while Esteban delivered a captivating performance in the closely contested International Speech Contest Category for Africa.

Commenting on the achievement of the two Fidelity champions, Fidelity Bank’s Managing Director, Julian Opuni, expressed immense pride in the team’s accomplishments, “We are incredibly honored by the exceptional performances of Esteban and Glory at the Toastmasters Africa Convention,” said Opuni.

“Their dedication and talent not only brought glory to Ghana but also positioned Fidelity Bank as a champion of excellence in public speaking. Their achievements are a true testament to the Fidelity value of excellence, and we hope they inspire others to pursue their passions with unwavering determination.”

Upon their return, Esteban and Glory were celebrated as heroes by the Bank’s leadership team, the Toastmasters fraternity, and their respective departments. Together with the rest of the entourage who journeyed to Abuja for the Toastmasters Africa Conference and International Speech Contests, they were hosted to a special welcome reception by the Manager Director, Julian Opuni and the Deputy Managing Director, Atta Yeboah Gyan.

Fidelity Bank extends its heartfelt congratulations to Esteban and Glory for their remarkable achievements. Their success serves as a powerful inspiration for all Toastmasters and Fidelity staff to embrace excellence and strive for global recognition in their endeavors.

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