Global Secure Solutions launches cybersecurity platform for SMEs

Global Secure Solutions launches cybersecurity platform for SMEs

The upsurge of COVID-19 saw many businesses resort to working from home, and a lot more climbing the online ladder to keep their transactions running. This new normal however resulted in a seemingly increased number of cybercrimes in the country.

In an effort to combat such cyberattacks on businesses, Global Secure Solutions (GSS) has launched a security management platform – Prometheus SHIELD – to protect firms, especially the small to medium businesses (SMBs) and small to medium scale enterprises (SMEs).

“With its built-in automation and orchestration, Prometheus SHIELD allows SMBs and SMEs continuous protection over their endpoints through offering unparalleled visibility of all the critical areas in an organisations’ IT infrastructure,” a statement by GSS has said.

The Prometheus will provide threat intelligence-driven insights which allow for real-time remote remediation across multiple geographic locations. It also has differentiated endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, IoT security, cloud security and IT operations capabilities.

“Another benefit of signing up for Prometheus SHIELD is a dedicated security concierge team to help develop your business in process development; data protection strategies and cybersecurity threat management; vulnerability assessment; integrated patch management function; backup, and disaster recovery services,” the statement added.

Edem Glymin, the Chief Executive Officer at GSS GH Limited, in the statement emphasised that: “Working remotely has its perks, but it also comes with distractions and risks. With an acute shortage of security professionals worldwide, organisations are experiencing more and more difficulty in appropriately staffing their cybersecurity teams. And this shortage often leaves the end users exposed to further risk”.

He said it is in view of this that his outfit is rolling out a managed security services platform and offering free cybersecurity training to any organisation with up to 20 employees.

“Whether you are a current customer or not, we want to make sure your employees have some knowledge of how to protect your business,” he stated.

Cybersecurity training programme

The cybersecurity training programme is designed to educate employees on common threats to their organisation’s cybersecurity, and offers a new way for small and medium-sized businesses to educate their employees on cybersecurity risks and best practices amid the coronavirus pandemic, right from their home.

Also, GSS is set to host a webinar in November to have discussions on ‘Maintaining Business and Cyber Resilience in a Covid-Pandemic Era’ as a way of raising awareness among businesses to keep safe. Prometheus SHIELD will be available starting December 2021, while the cyber security training programme will begin in November 2021, at no charge to the end users.

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