Krif launches ultramodern HP shredders & laminators onto local market

Krif launches ultramodern HP shredders & laminators onto local market
  • public urged to shred expired identity cards to avoid fraudsters using it as a tool to defraud

Krif Ghana limited, a household brand in superior quality European stationery and accessories, has officially launched ultramodern HP shredders & laminators onto local market.

The HP Pro 600 Laminators, which comes in two folds, large sizes for office usage and smaller versions for home use, are designed to perform both A3 sheet and A4 sheet laminators. It also has the capacity to perform both cold and hot option laminations, giving a smooth finishing & no bubble.

The HP shredders also come in various paper capacity ranging from 24 sheets to 8 sheets at a single shred, as well as additional security features, namely cross-cut and micro-cut which makes it impossible to reproduced any shredded document.

Head of Engineering Department, Krif Ghana, Enoch Yeboah Manford, in a presentation on the features and functions of the newly introduced HP machines indicated that the shredders also have an auto reverse technology that reverses documents whenever it is overloaded, and this prevent s early damage of the machine. As some other brand of shredders on the market has long duty circle, meaning one has to wait for some minutes after each shredding cycle, this HP shredders can work for long time without rest. The products come with one and two-year warranty.

On his part, Executive Director of Krif, Rev. Kennedy Okosun, touching on the reasoning behind the introduction of shredders at the time of working from home and doing transactions digitally due to COVID-19, he indicated that in this new era, security issues has become a major problem globally with the sudden increase in digital transactions.

“Identity theft, impersonation is a huge issue now because fraudsters get access to credit cards and other documents that have not been well disposed. People drop their expired cards, body pass, and other irrelevant office documents in garbage bins without shredding, and these documents though expired still have valid information on the owner which is used by the fraudsters to gather data for their criminal activities. This is a more reason why we need this equipment now than ever,” he said.

Rev. Okosun is therefore urging the public to shred documents and identity cards they no longer require to avoid losing critical information to fraudsters, adding that expired visa cards, passports, and other bank cards still have, name, account number, house address and other relevant basic information that serve as the basics for criminals to operate.

Again, the Executive Director reiterated that the hallmark of Krif Ghana is to always respond to the needs of the customer and bring to their doorstep the best quality products at each and every point in time.

“Krif is always searching the market to bring to clients the best that exist in the global market, and as we introduce this HP shredders and laminators, we are on the search again for the next ultramodern product on the global market to give to our clients.

Our policy is that the customer must always get value for money, they must be rewarded with the best of products for their loyalty to the brand and that is what we have consistently proved for the past 34 years of existence, the pursuit of excellence is the hallmark of successful brand and that is what Krif stands for,” he said.


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