Stigmatization of ex-convicts affect the reformation process

Some members of the April Borns – Tarkwa in a group picture, at the presentation of the items

The Second in Command of the Tarkwa Prisons, DSP Bright Bobo, has said society should embrace people who return home upon serving their term in prison because stigmatizing them affects the abilities of these ex-convicts to become fully reformed.

He said society has a role to play in the reformation process, and as such acts of kindness and welcoming attitude must be shown to community members or any other person, who for one reason or the other ended up in prison.

DSP Bobo said since the chances are that some people may return home from prison more hardened, it is encouraged that society demonstrates care for them even while in prison. This, he observed, helps to take away the feelings of neglect or aggression that they may have towards others.

He said especially when ex-convicts are rejected by their own families and society at large they are likely to find themselves back to some criminal activities which will, in the end, lead them back to prison.

He said the Prisons Service is doing everything possible to reform prisoners, however, society must endeavor to play their part especially in their reintegration, to complete the reformation process.

It was against this backdrop that he lauded the ‘April Borns – Tarkwa’ when they came to the care of the inmates of the Tarkwa Prisons with assorted food items as well as first aid supplies, as their way of showing compassion to the inmates while also demonstrating strong community support to the Prisons Service.

He said the items would go a long way to support the Prison Service to be able to care for inmates of the Tarkwa facility.

The items donated by the group, who are residents of Tarkwa who all celebrate their birthdays in April, include cartons of soft drinks, boxes of carbolic soaps, packets of Pepsodent toothpaste, and toothbrushes, bags of rice, gari and refined sugar, packs of toilet papers.

The donation also included packs of sachet water, packed pieces of takeaway meals, and some medical supplies for First Aid treatment. The climax of the gesture by the group came when they cut and shared birthday cake with the inmates and Prison officers.

The leader of the April Borns – Tarkwa group, George Damien, observed that their gesture, to mark a special period in the lives of members of the group, among others was also intended to impact society.

He said was hopeful that other benevolent individuals and organization will emulate their gesture by also coming to the assistance of the inmates and the Prisons Service.

Some members of the April Borns – Tarkwa in a group picture, at the presentation of the items

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