SES HD+ evolving cutting-edge technologies that make life better


Technology has in many ways changed the way human beings interact with their environment, to the extent that it is impossible at the moment to imagine a world without the benefit of technology and digital innovations. One thing that remains key, however, is the opportunity technology provides for us to address social challenges and find solutions which make life better.

Within the framework of the current narrative of technology and its impact on society, we often think of huge breakthroughs that excite imaginations and push conventional boundaries. But cutting-edge technology is not just about monumental breakthroughs; they are also the little things which make life simpler, more convenient and achieve wider accessibility for the majority in society. It is within this context that SES HD PLUS Ghana’s partnership with Samsung, NAGRA, Electroland and K-NET to deliver quality TV content comes into perspective.

The integration of the My HD PLUS App into Samsung 4k televisions, which is the first of its kind in Africa, offers users direct access to the HD+ Service straight out of the box as part of a new TV installation. What this innovation does is harness the unique qualities of TV entertainment providers to make those services accessible and convenient. The evolution of advanced ways to practically bring solutions that consumers appreciate is a development worth noting.

Television technology has evolved over the years from blurry black and white to a pin-sharp display presented in a spectrum of hues. With the quality that SES HD PLUS Ghana and their partners are bringing through the integration of the My HD PLUS App on 4k Samsung televisions, it is about to get better. For the uninitiated who, at this point, are wondering about the qualitative difference 4k technology brings to television viewing, here it is.

A 4k TV has peculiar resolution. It has 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels for a total of about 8.3 million pixels. Resolution refers to how densely tiny dots (pixels) on the TV are put together on the display. The individual pixels come together to make up the image that appears on the screen – such that the higher the pixel count, the higher the resolution. The ‘k’ in 4k represents kilo (1,000), which tells you that a 4k TV has achieved a horizontal resolution of about 4,000 pixels.

It is a fact that 4K TVs have four times more pixels than traditional Full HD (1920 x 1080) TVs. Even on TV screens of the same size, the 4K TV picture quality ends up being more vivid and detailed thanks to the greater pixel density. For example, if you compare the quality of a traditional 65″ Full HD TV to a 65″ 4K UHD TV, you will notice a difference in the pixels that make up the screen.

For high-resolution TVs, the pixels are smaller than in a lower-resolution TV of the same size; so you can enjoy a more immersive experience without restrictions on viewing distance, and watch from up close without noticing the individual pixels.

Watching HD content on 4k TVs is therefore an immersive experience that will usher the viewer into a whole new world of great television interaction. The integration of the My HD PLUS App onto the Samsung 4k television makes one thing apparent – that cutting-edge technology is not just for businesses and huge social impacts; it is also for our homes, too.

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