KGL Executive Chairman honoured


Mr. Alex Dadey, the Executive Chairman of the KGL Group, a renowned multimillion-dollar technology and innovations group of companies, was presented with the esteemed Star Prize at the Black History Makers’ Awards during the recently concluded Black History Festival 2024.

This inspiring Festival, held from Thursday, February 22 to Saturday, February 24, 2024, at the Columbus Marriott Airport, brought together guests and patrons from various nations including the Caribbean, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and across the USA.

At the heart of the annual Black History Festival, the Black History Makers Awards shine a light on excellence within Africa and the global diaspora. The Awards aim to recognize outstanding Black individuals across various fields such as technology, arts, politics, and entrepreneurship. From prominent figures to lesser-known contributors, awardees serve as beacons of inspiration for future generations, reshaping the narrative of Africa positively.

The awards encompass a wide spectrum of categories, with star prize recipients emerging from Africa and the Americas. Notably, the 2023 edition honored survivors of the Black Wall Street massacre and the President of Ghana, emphasizing the enduring spirit of Black excellence and fostering optimism for the future.

During the Technology and Innovation Day of the Festival, Mr.  Dadey initiated the event by sharing the inspirational tale of founding KGL Group. He highlighted the company’s evolution into a digitalization leader within Ghana and neighboring emerging markets.

By leveraging the diverse strengths of its subsidiaries, Mr. Dadey outlined his commitment to encouraging diaspora investment in Africa, drawing from his substantial 35-year experience in the United Kingdom. His decision to return home and establish ventures has significantly contributed to Ghana’s socioeconomic advancement.

Stephen Selasie Asuo, the Founder and President of BIDEC, and the Creator and Executive Coordinator of the Black History Festivals, stressed the importance of reevaluating outdated perceptions of Africa.

He underscored Africa’s revitalization and burgeoning renaissance, citing examples such as reconstruction efforts in Liberia, progress in Rwanda, democratic advancements, the return of the African diaspora in Ghana, and the global influence of Afrobeat music. This updated narrative celebrates numerous unsung heroes, leaders, and cultural icons, encapsulating the essence of “Africa Rising and Black Renaissance.”

Among his array of accolades, Mr. Alex Dadey voiced the profound significance of the recently received Star Prize Award, acknowledging his pivotal role as a promoter of diaspora investment. His ongoing initiatives not only preserve the history, heritage, and culture of people of African descent but also foster innovation, technology, and financial investment in the region.

Recognized for his contributions as a veteran freedom fighter and civil rights activist, Mr. Dadey delivered an acceptance speech and expressed special remarks during the event.

Other recipients of the Star Prize Award included Hon. Dr. Dadicus Jules, Director-General of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Congresswoman Joyce Beatty for her advocacy of equity and ethical governance in Ohio and the United States, and Former Mayor of Columbus, Mr. Michael B. Coleman, honored for his dedicated service to the city.

Posthumous recognition was also bestowed on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Marcus Mosiah Garvey for their impactful contributions to leadership, activism, and policymaking.

The forthcoming edition of the Black History Festival and Black History Makers’ Awards is slated to be held in New York in February 2025.


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