Why choosing the “Right” program can make all the difference in your success for Canada


I remember when I first started university I changed my major three times – from Psychology to Anthropology and I finally landed on my passion, Political Science. Although young domestic Canadian students have the luxury to change their major several times like I did before landing on what I wanted to study, this luxury can be less available to international students. I remember my friends who were international students at the university who felt a lot of pressure – the pressure at the amount of money their parents were paying from back home to pay international student fees, pressure of complying with conditions of their study permit and of course, the pressure of adapting to a new life in Canada. It was not so easy for them to change their majors several times and try out different areas. Therefore, the decision to choose the “right” program can be more important for international students.

Another reason why choosing the right program is important is that, not only do you choose a program that you like and supports what you want to do in the future, but also because the choice of program must make sense to the visa officer in making their decision. You should of course choose the program that you are genuinely interested in but it is never recommended (and it is fraudulent!) to try to choose a program just to get a visa! However, bear in mind that your program of choice must make sense to the visa officer.

So given the above, what is the “right” program? It is a program that you are genuinely interested in, a program that makes sense given your career path and future goals and a program that brings you fulfillment and opportunities. It can include an option for you to conduct an internship or a co-op work placement which is an excellent way to get the best out of your education in Canada – not only do you get to study in some of the best universities in the world, but also gain valuable and interesting work experience that makes you more marketable back home or anywhere you choose to work!

I hope this article has given you some insight into how to choose a good program for your studies in Canada.

What thoughts does the prospect of studying in Canada bring up for you? What do you think of the opportunities or challenges of pursuing studies there? We at One Heart Immigration are happy to answer your questions or to help put in an application for you to cover the required elements!


How do I know I chose the right program? Choosing the right program depends on your interest, your educational and work background as well as other factors like your age, level of educational program being considered etc. We can assist you by assessing your profile and advise you on the best option that works.

Should I choose a College program or a University program? Programs at Canadian educational institutions vary and even though some programs may have similarities, the approach, content and structure may be different with each school. Generally speaking, all schools in Canada offer both comprehensive and rigorous programs regardless of whether it is a university or college. However, your choice of a university or college depends on your career goal(s) and how they match a specific program at a college or university.

How can a program of study in Canada help my career goals? There are many good study programs in Canada and finding the ideal programs that fit your career goal and lifestyle is key. Each school has detailed descriptions and courses covered by their programs to give you a general idea of what’s covered in the program. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to do, this information will help you make the decisions.

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