Eric Kwapong Ministries launches ‘Leaders in Worship’


Founder of the Eric Kwapong Ministries (EKM) cum Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Psalmist, Eric Oduro Kwapong, is set to host ‘Leaders in Worship’ on Friday, April 19th, 2024 at the Physicians and Surgeons Hall, Accra.

This initiative is aimed at enriching a leader’s spiritual resource by creating the enabling space for Christian leaders in different sectors to have an intercession with the Lord.

“This gathering is dedicated to fostering each leader’s relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through Scriptural contemporary worship,” Mr. Kwapong said.

According to the organizers, the Leaders in Worship initiative is targeted at uniting individuals in leadership positions across various domains; encompassing major decision-making persons, business and corporate executives, lead and senior associate pastors of churches, heads of media, advocacy and coalition groups, as well as traditional leaders, politicians, government and senior state officials.

Mr. Kwapong emphasized that Leaders in positions of heavy responsibilities grapple with difficult, challenging and stressful situations within their roles, hence making their leadership journey an arduous and lonely road to traverse. As a result, leaders must have a sacred and secure space to turn to such as the ‘Leaders in Worship’.

“This sacred and secure space offers an opportunity to encounter God’s manifest presence within the worship experience, thereby directly impacting both their personal and professional lives,” he added.

The programme line-up includes scripture reading segments which will play a pivotal role in the event as it integrates pertinent scriptures that harmonize with a leadership journey, guided by faith and personal growth. This, he said, “Will offer encouragement, inspiration, timeless wisdom, and a foundation for the leader’s relationship with Christ within the context of the worship experience.”

To enhance the experience, the event will incorporate soothing instrumental music, playing soft and calming melodies both before and at designated intervals during the event, to encourage moments of reflection and connection. Attendees will have the opportunity through these carefully curated inspired activities to refuel, rejuvenate and refresh their personal devotion and leadership journey.

Participants would enjoy a mix of scripture reading, humor, relaxing instrumental music, special music, spoken word ministry, and relationship-building opportunities for personal spiritual growth and authentic connections and potential partnerships. These connections hold the promise of fostering valuable collaborations, sharing insights and ideas, and establishing ongoing support extending beyond the event.

All persons and individuals with their friends and family who fit these categories of leadership positions and responsibilities are fervently encouraged to attend this inspiring, epochal and life-altering program.


Leaders in Worship is organized by Eric Kwapong Ministries (EKM), a legally registered para-church and ministry organization with a focus on providing specialized training and services to meet the ministry, worship, music training, and leadership capacity-building needs of churches, faith institutions and organizations. Eric Oduro Kwapong serves as the founding President and CEO of EKM.



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