Delta assures Ghanaian travellers of world-class services on par with global standards


By Bernard Yaw ASHIADEY, Atlanta-Georgia

Delta Air Lines has assured the Ghanaian travelling public that the international airline is duty-bound to ensure standards are the same across the globe irrespective of where it is flying from or where its final destination is.

Rahsaan Johnson, Managing Director, International Communications at Delta, noted that recent suggestions that the airline deploys substandard aircraft, personnel and services to Africa, including Ghana, lack accuracy.

“We take pride in offering the same high standards of service across our global network, and Africa is no exception. The suggestion that we compromise on quality in any region is simply not true, and we categorically reject such claims,” he said during a familiarisation interaction with the B&FT and other media personal in Atlanta, Georgia.

With rapidly increasing air travel post-pandemic, on account of business, migration and leisure, long-held notions about standard services to certain markets reared their head, prompting the airline to reemphasise its commitment to providing Ghanaian travellers with the same exceptional experience enjoyed by passengers worldwide.

Delta highlighted its long-standing presence in Africa, spanning over a decade in Ghana alone. During this time, the airline has consistently invested in its African operations, deploying modern aircraft, recruiting and training top talent, and tailoring its services to meet the specific needs of its African customers.

Delta highlighted its long-standing commitment to Ghana, spanning over 17 years of service and transporting over 1.35 million passengers between the country and the United States (U.S.) since 2006. The airline currently operates a daily non-stop service from Accra to New York-JFK, boasting an average load factor of 89 percent in 2023, which Mr. Johnson says is a clear demonstration of customer satisfaction.

“Our commitment to Ghana is evident in the numbers. We invest heavily in ensuring our Ghanaian customers have access to reliable aircraft. Our current fleet serving Ghana consists of the Boeing 767-300, a well-maintained and industry-standard aircraft with a proven safety record,” the Delta Air Lines spokesperson stated.

Addressing specific concerns, Delta clarified that the temporary grounding of a single aircraft (N-195DN) was due to a technical issue and not indicative of broader fleet quality. The airline pointed out its commitment to safety as its top priority, implementing strict maintenance protocols and collaborating closely with Ghanaian authorities.

“We understand that incidents can raise concerns, but we assure you that we take every measure to ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers. The temporary grounding of this single aircraft was a necessary step to address a specific issue, and it does not reflect on the overall quality of our fleet or operations,” he explained.

Furthermore, Delta strongly rejected claims of substandard personnel or services in Ghana. The airline employs highly trained and dedicated professionals across all departments, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for Ghanaian passengers. “Our Ghanaian team is an integral part of the Delta family, and we’re incredibly proud of their dedication and expertise. They consistently deliver exceptional service that meets our global standards, as evidenced by positive customer feedback and industry recognition,” Mr. Johnson remarked.

Delta highlighted its commitment to continuous improvement, actively investing in employee training, product upgrades and technological advancements to enhance the travel experience for all passengers.

“Beyond personnel, Delta invests heavily in product and service upgrades for its African customers. The airline offers a variety of cabin experiences on its Accra-JFK route, including Delta One, Delta Premium Select, Delta Comfort+, and Main Cabin. Additionally, passengers enjoy complimentary in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi connectivity and regionally-inspired menus,” Mr. Johnson said.

“We are confident that our commitment to safety, reliability and service excellence shines through in everything we do. We invite Ghanaian travellers to experience Delta for themselves and see why we’re the preferred choice for travel between Ghana and the U.S.,” he added.

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