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Cholesterol control

You may have noticed that beef and eggs have become four-letter words.  It’s all because of cholesterol, a substance that’s gotten reputation for breaking...

Huawei calls for a ‘non-stop’ digital future for Africa’s banking industry

Huawei last week  announced its ‘Non-Stop Banking’ initiative. Unveiled at the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit for Africa 2023, the initiative calls for hand-in-hand collaboration...
The Service Line with J. N. Halm: It’s A Joke...employing Humour at the Front Line

Service & Experience with J. N. Halm: Please hurry up, others are waiting

…the social effect of queues on service experience Hungarian-born British humourist, George Mikes, is credited with this quote, “An Englishman, even if he is alone,...

Is Fairtrade failing cocoa farmers? (1)

…An in-depth look at Fairtrade's minimum price policy Fairtrade, an organisation that advocates for fair and equitable access to international markets, has been a longstanding...

Big electricity in small mighty packages

There is a graph which shows the relationship between the GDP of a country and its electricity consumption. There is a direct correlation. Quite...
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