MPS Tema Port emerges as first port-of-call


…as CMA CGM launches WAX service

In a strategic move, Meridian Port Services Ltd. (MPS), operator of Terminal 3 at Tema Port, has been chosen as the first port of call for the newly introduced West Africa Express (WAX) service by the esteemed French shipping company CMA CGM.

The WAX service is strategically designed to serve West Africa, the Far East and Southeast Asia, creating a direct link between these vital regions and facilitating efficient shipping of gateway volumes and transshipment activities.

CMA CGM attributes the launch of this service to the operational capabilities of terminals in West Africa, particularly highlighting the continuous investments made by MPS to enhance operational efficiency and service standards at Terminal 3 of Tema Port.

Mohamed Samara, CEO-MPS, underscored the significance of this service deployment, emphasising MPS’s key role in fostering connectivity between Africa and the global trade network.

Mr. Samara stated: “MPS remains the premier port in West and Central Africa, committed to delivering seamless and efficient cargo handling services for shipping lines”.

Highlighting the progress made in the last five years, including the acquisition of 15 new cranes and commitment to expand storage capacity with the scheduled completion of a new yard in 2025, Mr. Samara reassured customers of MPS’s dedication to innovation. He emphasised that this commitment creates an enabling environment for shipping lines, elevating the trade routes with West Africa.

Revamped liner service

CMA CGM and Maersk Line have jointly restructured their services connecting the Far East and Southeast Asia with West Africa, announcing a revamping of the Asia West Africa Services effective from the first week of December. The updated Far East-West Africa (FEW) services promise enhanced connectivity, increased reliability and faster transit times, aligning seamlessly with the operational capacities of Meridian Port Services Ltd. at Terminal 3 of Tema Port.

The new WAX service will embark on its journey from the port of Qingdao in China, progressing to South Korea with stops at Gwangyang, and then traversing several ports in China – including Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou and Nansha. The route continues through Singapore and Malaysia’s Tanjung Pelepas hub ports before reaching West Africa. MPS Terminal 3 at Tema Port will be the initial port of call in West Africa, followed by Lekki, Abidjan, Pointe Noire and a direct return to the Far East, with stops at the hubs of Colombo, Singapore and Xiamen before returning to Qingdao.

Being the first port of call for vessels on the Far East service, MPS Terminal 3 grants Ghana’s trade and industry the advantage of shortest transit time compared to all other ports in the region.

The updated rotations aim to provide reliable schedules and efficient connections, featuring larger vessel deployments. With a strengthened fleet of 13 vessels, each boasting a nominal capacity of 14,000 TEUs, the tailored services will be dedicated to Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and the Congo.

Shortened transit time, reduced costs and enhanced competitiveness

The decision to select Tema Port as the initial port of call holds profound implications for Ghana’s Trade and Industry. This strategic choice is poised to deliver the shortest transit time, resulting in a reduction of shipping costs and an overall enhancement of the logistics chain.

The shortened transit time not only expedites the movement of goods but also minimises associated costs, contributing to a more cost-effective and competitive trade environment. This efficiency enables businesses to operate with increased agility and responsiveness to market demands, fostering growth and competitiveness.

In essence, the designation of Tema Port as the first port of call underscores not only the port’s capabilities but also its key role in driving economic development through improved trade efficiency, reduced shipping costs and an optimised logistics chain. This development positions Ghana as a dynamic hub in the global marketplace, benefitting not only the vibrant Trade and Industry sector in Ghana but also neighbouring coastal countries and landlocked nations such as Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali.

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