Maiden edition of 2023 LASA/Africa Continental Congress held in Accra


The Embassy of Colombia in Ghana – in collaboration with the Centre for Latin American Studies (CLAS) of the University of Ghana (UG) and the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) – has organised the maiden LASA/Africa Continental Congress at the University of Ghana, Legon, in Accra.

The Embassy of Colombia in Ghana is committed to strengthening bonds of friendship and fostering meaningful dialogue with the government of Ghana and other African nations. The two nations’ partnership is highlighted as a beacon of cooperation and mutual support, serving as a means to rectify historical wrongs and pave the way toward reconciliation, healing and a more equitable future.

Speaking at the conference, Colombia Ambassador to Ghana,   Daniel Garces Carabali said: “For the purpose of expanding these connections and struggles for a more just and restorative world, institutions like LASA – as a global organisation with more than 14,000 members representing about 100 nations in the world – can be an effective channel to deepen the connections; and from the various fields of research, promote a global scientific movement fighting for restorative and restorative justice”.

He said the government of Colombia has designed a programme called #EstrategiaAfríca under the auspices of Vice President Francia Elena Márquez Mina and Chancellor Álvaro Leyva Duran.  “In compliance with that programme, our Diplomatic Mission in Ghana has developed a strategy of articulation with African nations in connection with our Latin American peers. In the development of this work, we set out to strengthen LASA/Africa; linking important researchers, activists and cultural leaders of Colombia,” he stated.

The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong – who was guest-speaker for the occasion, highlighted the enduring ties and mutual support characterising the relationship between the two nations over decades. “Colombia has generously extended its hand in helping Ghana to build its capacity of critical institutions; such as the Ghana police service, Immigration service and the Narcotic Control Board. These collaborations have been particularly crucial in addressing contemporary challenges – including cybersecurity, which includes everybody. These landmark collaborations underscore our shared commitment to promoting peace and security on the global scale, transcending geographical boundaries,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Jo-Marie Burt, President-Latin American Studies Association (LASA), emphasises that the inaugural Continental Congress of LASA in Africa presents a unique opportunity to facilitate dialogues and connections on diverse theoretical and practical subjects which establish links between the African continent and Latin America.

LASA/Africa 2023 is the first Continental Congress of LASA in Africa, which seeks to provide an opportunity to collaborate and work on the many interesting theoretical and practical problems presented on each continent in relation to Latin America will end on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

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