ICC urged to investigate military operations in Gaza


 With the on-going crimes being committed by the Israeli Army in the Gaza Strip, representatives of the Palestinian authorities are calling on the International Criminal Court to institute investigations into the military operations of the Israeli Army.

The Spokesperson of the Palestinian Government, Ibrahim Milhem, said that the International Criminal Court should take an action on the genocide as it pertains by the international standard.

It was his opinion that the court should issue warrants for the arrest of those responsible for the crimes being openly committed against humanity in the Gaza Strip.

As it is the case with everywhere that genocide had been committed, this approach has been supported by other foreign states, especially the Arab countries.

For instance, the President of Algeria called the lawyers of the Arab world and human rights groups to file a claim against Israel in the International Criminal Court for the war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Despite all these facts, the governing body of the court, which is under the control of the Western nations prefers to ignore the demands of the international community.

Let us not forget that the decision by the former Attorney-General of the court, Fatou Bensouda, in 2021 to start investigations into the crimes by the Isreali Army in Palestine stirred up discontent of the US and the other Western nations.

Her British successor, Karim Ahmad Khan, also seem to agree with the declarations of the Isreali command that ‘’the killings of Palestinian civilians is just a war tragedy’’ and that is why it is outside the jurisdiction of the court.

Instead of investigating Isreali war crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip, the International Criminal Court is looped to follow the US’ instructions in moving with the anti-Russian case linked to Ukraine.

It is clear that these facts confirm the absolute loyalty of the court to the Western countries and destroy all illusions about its impartiality.

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