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Writing a book can be a daunting, time-consuming task. However, it is one of the best things you can do and leave as a legacy
Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker, and Corporate Trainer. Africa's foremost author[ity] on Personal Branding and Digital Book Publishing. An Amazon bestselling author of over 50 published books

 What leaders and brands can do in times of crisis is to rebrand and reposition.

The pandemic has significantly impacted us; every aspect of life can feel it’s the bite, brands, individuals, and businesses alike. It is up to leaders, brands, and personal brands to reposition and rebrand to take advantage of the ongoing tides.

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” – Dale Carnegie,

The truth is that things are just not going to revert to normal not anytime soon. Things have taken a whole new shift and form and until brands and individuals begin to realize and seek advantage of the situation regardless of its negative impact, brands will either fade away and be forgotten or be outwitted by brands who have taken advantage of the situation.

So there are few things I am going to share which will help leaders, brands, and organisations, take the “bull by the horn” and make the best out of the situation, we have found ourselves, as the adage goes… “make lemonades out of lemons”. I am going to share with you, what you must do as a market leader, as an industry leader, as a brand, and as a global industry in times of crises like this. What do you do? Are you changing your strategy or style?

Here are three simple things you can do to reposition your brand in times of crisis.

Now the very first thing brands need to do is:

Simplify: Look at ways to SIMPLIFY the things you do already. In challenging times like this, you can’t afford to make things cumbersome, people will tune off. Find ways to make things simple for your audience to absorb.

If it is tutorial lessons. Give your clients and customers simple steps that they can follow and get results. Provide them actionable tips, strategies, blog posts, articles, or if it’s a product you’ve been selling, make your marketing strategy sound simple as well as your messages.

A minimalist approach to work; helps in your product processing and products so you can cut down the cost of unnecessary hype and excess.

Simplify the process and simplify the strategy.

Digital marketing to online business, simplify the process don’t compound or make it complicated. Aim at cost-cutting, efficiency, and effectiveness to be productive and profitable.

So firstly think of what ways can I simplify my brand or my business. How can I simplify?

Can I do virtually now so I can cut down double transportation because we are in lockdown periods or restricted movements? So I simplify the process; we are going to do it virtually, the conference is going to be virtual so that people will purchase so there will be a very limited process. if it needs to be delivered then the dispatch or delivery company does that. If not, every meeting can be done virtually which is good.

You cut down transportation cost, other unnecessary overhead costs then you make a profit or you sell digital products.

As an author, people are now very close to buying print books. So what other avenues are available. I will look at audiobooks, digital books, eBooks so that people can download and purchase than investing so much in print paperback editions.

Having, ebooks and audiobooks will cut down your production cost easily and maximise your profit.

A couple of months ago Antony Robbins put together a remarkable record-breaking evens. He took his regular ‘Unleash the power within’ event virtually – broadcasting it live.

Over 20,000 participants globally connected from over 100 countries right from their homes. In the 4 days’ virtual event, he invested heavily in technology so that all these participants from over 100 countries could watch him live for 4 days being on screens performing and demonstrating these personal development skills to them.

Look at what can be done via technology. He didn’t let the pandemic or the situation stop him, but he came out of the box to do something which is simplifying the process by being innovative and creative.

In terms of simplicity think of innovation, how can technology enhance or help you to innovate your process?

Tony Robbin’s work was amazing due to the fact that public speakers, industrial leaders can learn from that because of over 20,000 participants globally. His on-stage teaching, performing, and coaching virtually was awesome. He simplified the process with no transportation, no airline cost but he invested heavily in technology so that he could have this event.

As a brand, think of ways you can simplify the process using technology so that it can’t be cut off. As the writer used the process to reposition in global space, know that the first process was Simplicity.


Style: The second thing is STYLE. Style is critical as in your brand style. How are you positioning yourself in terms of visuals, creating videos? How can your audience adopt to your new style, what form will you present your product, your service, your brand think of creativity in all that simplicity needs to take place? So what is your style?

Look at the icons you’re creating, fonts, typography the colors, simplify all these processes making more visually appealing.

Your style needs to communicate your brand value, your brand image to make sure that people see that this is brand “A” and this is brand “B” and remember that now without differentiation, there is no brand.

So your style is very relevant, how are you going to present the message now?

Now Tony Robbins says I can’t do live I am going to do virtual live so he shifted the style a little bit. Is he going to interview people or going to engage his audience?

what style is going to work for you, per your industry, it could be the same thing but you’re changing your style, you’re repositioning now for the audience adopt and get more gains from your product.

And also part away monies are they benefiting is style producing the result that they desire then it means you’re helping them and going to get more revenue.

what is your style? How can you differentiate from everybody just interviewing Instagram live? What are your style, your approach, and your strategy behind the videos?

Your style and strategy are very relevant, important so that you can still be in business.

Speed: The last thing you need to do that will help you to rebrand and reposition in times like this as market leaders are to act swiftly – SPEED. Speed is relevant, idea loves speed. You don’t wait to make everything perfect before you move. I always adhere to this philosophy. Progress, not Perfection.

So you look at ways to simplify the process, look at your style to enhance what you do, and move with speed. Don’t wait too long – move with speed. The brands and individuals that have started are moving with speed like the Anthony Robins example I gave, others are going to follow suit, so move with speed.

People need quality content, products and services so provide them with speed and accuracy

Things are not going to revert to normal, not anytime soon so start moving with speed don’t wait. if you wait too long you will miss out.

To become the market leader become the first net area in the first category so you’ll become the reference point. Move with speed and strategy.

Speed what can you do fast, don’t use the whole season don’t use the time, perfect along the way, and deliver contents and values to your clients and customers. Find new markets and new trends. Move with speed, when you do this well enough, you will be beating the path to becoming an industry leader. People are going to look up to you so then you’re going to be in business in making money so provide your content, service, brand as an industry leader with speed.

For instance, I know a lady who does fashion products using African print materials to produce bags and others but she quickly moved with speed and things changed and she started producing nose masks though she does fashionable product stuff, like clothing and others for people.

But because of the pandemic, people are not purchasing them so she moved with speed and style to produce nose masks for people to protect themselves so think of this and whatever you’re doing now and move with speed. She is now a market leader and you can purchase a nose mask from her. So think of speed though the current process is not working what you can do to adjust with speed.

And as you move with speed make sure you’re providing content for your people, you’re providing something valuable and when you do these things so well your brand will thrive amid storms and crises.

The key things mentioned are simplifying your strategy, making sure your style is top-notch, and move with speed and when you do these3things well your brand will stay top, you’ll become relevant and profitable.

To reposition, rebrand with speed and strategy, simplify with style and stay on top. The best is yours.

Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker, and Corporate Trainer. Africa’s foremost author[ity] on Personal Branding and Digital Book Publishing. An Amazon bestselling author of over 50 published books. As a speaker & trainer he has been known to simplify complex ideas about branding and life and present them to audiences in clear, actionable steps. He has over a decade of experience in digital publishing and has globally consulted for entrepreneurs, pastors, and people like you to write books and build brands. He hosts the number one ranked Career & Business Podcast in Ghana. Bernard is a brand strategist at BKC consulting and runs the monthly Branding & Publishing

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