MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: The intrinsic concept


At this adverse time of the world, this concept couldn’t be more true!

The first world seems to suggest to the labelled third world that for their economy to grow, they need to adopt their modules.

The neo-classical modules of economy have never helped.

The intrinsic approach is the surest path for a nation, like Ghana, to leap beyond its wildest dreams.

To illustrate this intrinsic approach, the following true simplified scenarios would be used.

From the late 1950s till the late 80’s, the most dominant radio with regard to news was BBC.

Almost every home was tuned into the short wave length frequency of it even though GBC was also present until the early and late 90’s of innate radio like JOY FM, PEACE FM, CITI FM and the likes.

Now, the emergence of home-grown radio stations like JOY FM, PEACE FM, CITI FM and the likes has given the impression that BBC radio no longer exists in our media landscape. This is because these FM stations originated from Ghana.

The vernacular of these FM stations totally resonates with the indigenous people, hence, their massive outreach and influence in every corner of Ghana.

Intrinsic simply means something of valuable interest because of its basic nature.

Again, within the beverage arena, local brands like Alomo Bitters and Adonko Bitters have totally dominated the retail outlets within its market sector. Locally made energy drinks like storm and rush are all over the place as well.

The phrase ‘the (abrofo) or English schnapps’ is not being spoken off frequently as it was in the past.

The intrinsic nature added to soap operas from India and Mexico, as shown on local TV stations like ADOM TV and UTV in the form of local dialect, has also endeared a lot of the indigenous people.

Now, for every nation to dictate to its own economic affairs, most of its produce right from the inception to its final destination should be intrinsic in nature.

Factors to consider in adopting the intrinsic approach

  1. The indigenous people should be allowed to also create from inception.
  2. The indigenous people should be allowed to go through the process of building.
  3. The indigenous people should be held at the same standards of basics, but within the context as it pertains to the place they originate from and its lasting effect on the nation in the long run.

Think about it!

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