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…A focus on digital inclusion and financial empowerment

In the heart of West Africa, where a digital renaissance is reshaping societies, Ghana stands at the forefront of the region’s journey towards comprehensive digital inclusion and financial empowerment. The Regional Executive Director of the West Africa ICT Action Network, Peterking Quaye, sheds light on the pivotal role that Ghana is playing in spearheading this transformative movement.

Ghana’s commitment to digital inclusion is reflected in its progressive initiatives to bridge the digital divide. The nation has witnessed substantial growth in internet penetration, with a surge in mobile phone usage propelling digital access even in remote areas. Initiatives like the Ghana Open Data Initiative and efforts to expand ICT infrastructure, showcase the government’s dedication to ensuring that the benefits of the digital era are accessible to all.

, “Digital inclusion is not just about access; it’s about providing the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and thrive in the digital landscape. In Ghana, we are working towards creating a digitally literate society where every citizen can harness the opportunities presented by the digital age.”

Parallel to the strides in digital inclusion, Ghana is making significant headway in digital financial inclusion. Mobile money services have become a cornerstone of financial transactions, empowering individuals who were previously excluded from formal financial systems. Notably, the success of initiatives like the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) has paved the way for innovative solutions that transcend traditional banking.

“Digital financial inclusion is a powerful tool for economic empowerment. It not only enhances financial access but also stimulates economic activities, especially among the unbanked and underserved populations. Ghana, is witnessing a transformative shift in how people manage their finances, thanks to digital financial services.”

The West Africa ICT Action Network, under my leadership  has been instrumental in fostering collaboration across the region. After successfully hosting same groundbreaking events in Liberia, Gambia, and Sierra Leone this year, Ghana edition is poised to elevate the dialogue on digital inclusion and financial empowerment to unprecedented heights.

“Our regional efforts have been a testament to the collective commitment of West African nations towards leveraging technology for positive change. Ghana’s event, with its distinguished panelists and thought-provoking topics, is set to be exceptional.

It’s a platform where key stakeholders from various sectors will converge to share insights, exchange ideas, and chart a course towards a digitally inclusive and economically empowered future for Ghana.” The success of the West Africa ICT Action Network’s events lies in its ability to bring together diverse perspectives and expertise. The Ghanaian edition of the Digital and Financial Inclusion Roundtable promises to be no different, featuring a lineup of exceptional panelists who will delve into topics ranging from sustainable digital solutions to fostering youth empowerment through technology.

As the world watches, Ghana is poised to showcase not only its achievements but also its commitment to shaping a digital future where every citizen, regardless of their background, can participate and thrive.

This event will enhance the digital footsteps of Ghana’s journey towards digital inclusion and digital financial empowerment is a narrative of progress and what the future holds in fintech. As the West Africa ICT Action Network gears up for the 1st Annual Ghana Digital and Financial Inclusion Roundtable, it sends a resounding message — the future is digital, inclusive, and economically empowering for all Ghanaians.

Peterking is the Regional Executive Director | West Africa ICT Action Network | Member, IIPGH

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