Poetry Corner: Half A Decade Long!


A journey of five

Began creeping…into the first phase of its life

Continued crawling…into diverse stages of life

And kept staying alive


From a dot through many dots to crosses and dashes

From a piece of paper to many pieces of papers

From a day through many lasting moments of wishes

And of whispers

‘Twas all in the beginning


It was all in the beginning

The weeks…after each willing week

The theme…after a long, winding search

And all that

It wasn’t all that jazz

‘Twas all in the making


It was all in the making

A pen came up…to pen down deep thoughts

A night stayed up…to stay down sleepiness

A column of lines came up…with rhymes and with reasons

‘Twas all till the new morning


It was all till the morning

The morning rising after

And after

After the first night

After the first noon

And the first moon

The written lines lined up right

So right

‘Twas all in the reading


It was when they were reading

All the social things

All the sorry horrifics

All the stark stories

All the classic romantics

All the prolific polemics

‘Twas when they were reading the written


It was when they were reading the written

The writings they were reading

The reading they were relishing

The relishing they were celebrating

‘Twas when a celebration of years of writing poesy

Accounted for half of a decade

But still stuck in the Poetry Corner

‘Tis not yet the ending


It is not yet the ending

When the alarm goes

When the cock crows

When the hen clucks

When the dog barks

When the ding dongs

When the clock clicks

When the time ticks

‘Tis not yet the ending

Let the one who reads

–keep reading


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