Nominations open for maiden Ladies in Leadership Awards 2023


Christian University, in partnership with the Accra Business School (ABS), has opened nominations for the maiden edition of its Ladies in Leadership Awards. Individuals are now requested to nominate visionary women who have made significant strides in the various fields of endeavour for an opportunity to shine the light on their achievements.

The Ladies in Leadership Awards (LILA2023) seeks to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of women leaders in Ghana by recognising their invaluable contributions across various sectors. This makes LILA2023 an unparalleled platform to celebrate their determination, innovation and transformative impact.

Categories open for nominations are Leadership in Finance & Banking – for women who have steered the financial sector with foresight and integrity; Leadership in Healthcare, which recognises women who have made outstanding contributions to health and wellness; and Leadership in Science, Research and Development, Technology and Innovation, which celebrates tech-savvy women innovators driving Ghana’s digital future.

The rest are Leadership in Education and Academia – for the educators shaping Ghana’s next generation of thinkers and doers; Leadership in Agriculture – honouring women who’ve greened our fields and revolutionised our agro-industry; Leadership in Arts and Culture – recognising creative women preserving Ghana’s rich heritage and pushing artistic boundaries; Leadership in Public Service and Governance – celebrating women making significant strides in the realms of policy and public welfare; and Leadership in Entrepreneurship – for those entrepreneurial spirits turning dreams into ventures.

Other categories include Emerging Leader, which recognises young and rising female stars shaping their industries; the Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrating a woman leader’s lifelong contributions to the Ghanaian economy and society; Environment and Sustainability – for women championing environmental causes, conservation and sustainable practices; Social Work and Community Leadership –  honouring those dedicating their lives to social welfare, community development, or humanitarian causes; Media and Journalism – recognising women journalists, editors, or media entrepreneurs who have shown excellence in their field.

The rest are Sports and Athletics – for women who have showcased exemplary leadership, either on the field or in managing sports teams/events; Legal and Advocacy – recognising women who have made significant strides in the legal profession, be it as lawyers, judges or advocates for justice; Spiritual and Religious Leadership – honouring women leaders who guide, inspire and impact their communities through religious or spiritual teachings and practices; and Real Estate and Construction – celebrating women making waves in the real estate market, architecture or construction sectors.

Nominations are also opened for Transportation and Logistics – for women spearheading advancements in transportation, supply chain management, or logistical innovations; Retail and Consumer Goods – which recognises women leaders who have excelled in the retail sector or consumer goods industries; Leadership in Tourism and Hospitality – for women elevating Ghana’s stature as a top destination and showcasing our famed hospitality; as well as Leadership in Manufacturing and Production – for industrial mavens driving Ghana’s production lines and creating economic value.

The LILA 2023 is scheduled for November 16 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Accra, on the theme ‘Empowering Women, Strengthening Economies’.

Special Guest Speaker for the occasion will be the former First Minister of Northern Ireland and an esteemed member of the UK House of Lords, Baroness Arlene Foster, and a host of dignitaries drawn from across various sectors of the economy.

Kindly follow the link for the nominations

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