Fantasy innovations


In the late eighties (80’s) there was a series I used to watch on VHS cassette called Knight Rider.

The fascination with Knight Rider was the fact that it had a car that could speak and also move around by itself.

In today’s modern world, the car would be considered as a high tech, artificially intelligent automobile.

In watching Knight Rider, I could only relate to the car in a fantasy manner. Never did I consider that I would one day in the future, watch on TV again a car that can navigate itself and talk as well.

Arizona, a state in the USA, is tagged as the capital of self-driven cars.

In fact, some of the Uber cars in Arizona are self-driven types.

These self-driven cars have lots of internal and external sensors which help them in their navigation.

As a matter of fact, there are companies that are fully dedicated to manufacturing such type of cars. For e.g., Waymo and Tesla.

Now, in the course of watching a documentary on these self-driven cars, some people expressed their fears about such cars.

Their concerns were skewed toward the fact that such innovations would eventually make people jobless.

Inasmuch as their concerns are very legitimate, history shows that human beings have always turned out better with such innovations.

Fire at a point was an innovation.

Spears and knives at a point were innovations.

Ships and planes at a point were all innovations.

Inasmuch as these self-driven cars wouldn’t have a physical person within them, they would also definitely need physical persons to fix the other add-ons that go with them.

There would eventually be booth stops which would require other forms of supervision and emergency fixes to such self-driven vehicles.

What is rather needed in such times is unlearning what you already know about physically and manually driving a car to learning how to control such self-driven cars.

No amount of apathy for innovations would make them go away, it rather behooves on us to adapt to them.

The truth is innovations are needed for more jobs to be created.

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