Nakeeyat Dramani Sam wins big at maiden African Shenmo Abacus Mental Math Competition


The maiden African Shenmo Abacus Mental Math Cup and Award Ceremony witnessed an extraordinary display of talent and intellect as Nakeeyat Dramani Sam, along with the Shenmo Ghana team, showcased their exceptional abilities in the realm of mental mathematics.

The competition, which took place in Port Harcourt, Nigeria on October 14, 2023, brought together over 1000 kids between the ages of 4 and 15 from 20 African countries.

Representing Ghana, Nakeeyat Dramani Sam, under the leadership of Musa Frimpong (Shenmo Ghana Principal) and trained by Iddrisu Frimpong (Shenmo Ghana Teacher), secured two remarkable Gold medals. These accolades were awarded for their outstanding performance in both the Written Mental Math Competition and the Listening Mental Maths Competition. Nakeeyat also achieved the highest honour by receiving the Best Performance Award for her country, Ghana.

The event was graced by several luminaries, including President Li Mianjun, Founder of Shenmo Education International, China; Dr. Lily Cheng, International Consultant for Shenmo Education and Professor at San Diago State University, USA; Prof. Prince Chinedu, Commissioner of the Ministry of Education in Rivers State, Nigeria; over 30 Shenmo Principals from China, Singapore, USA and Africa; and over 500 parents across Africa, highlighting the importance of this educational endeavour.

Some participating countries for the competition included Nigeria, Libya, Rwanda, Mali, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Guinea, Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Niger, Namibia, Botswana, Sudan and Ghana. The presence of students and school heads from several states across Nigeria emphasised the effectiveness and significance of this educational method.

Shenmo Abacus Education, renowned for its effectiveness in teaching mental mathematics using the Abacus, combines ancient techniques with modern pedagogy, enhancing children’s mathematical skills. The Abacus serves as a visual and tactile tool to foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, ultimately improving mental math abilities, concentration, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills among learners.

Shenmo Ghana Abacus Education and its dedicated team is setting new standards for math education. Their success at this maiden African Abacus Mental Math Cup is a testament to the dedication and excellence they bring to mathematics education in Ghana and is committed to ensuring this reaches millions of young Ghanaians in the days ahead. They call for the support of all stakeholders in ensuring every child in Ghana gets the opportunity to experience the magic of Abacus for their holistic development.

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