ICU General Secretary salutes working class

Morgan Ayawine – ICU Boss

By Kwame Mensah

General Secretary of Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU-Ghana) has sent a warm fraternal greetings to all ICU members and the working class in general.

Mr. Morgan Ayawine’s 2024 May Day Message was signed and released in Accra on behalf of ICU-Ghana.

The message extended  his fraternal greetings and solidarity in the to the cause  of workers struggle which is being observed worldwide as International Workers Day of Solidarity which falls on May 1st every year.

He said the annual celebration of this important and memorable day on workers calendar globally is solemn reminder of the rough and rugged path that our pre-decessors endured almost 150 years ago to attain for us the industrial democracy we are enjoying today and as a result, leaders are legally bound to sit side-by-side with employers and government to negotiate terms and conditions of service favourable for all sides for industrial harmony.

Mr. Ayawine said while we work with our social partners to increase jobs, security and productivity, it is pertinent to warn employers who indulge in illegal practices of converting permanent job position to casual and contract work in a bid to maximize profit to desist from it forthwith.

The theme for this year’s May Day celebration is “Elections 2024, the role of Workers and Social Partners in securing peaceful elections for National Development is appropriate. Going by the media hype the various political players are given to the 2024 elections, there is no doubt that 2024 are going to be crucial and unique of all elections in the Fourth Republic Democratic dispensations.

As working class, we need peace to continue to work and earn our livelihood. In essence, especially the youth should not and cannot be used as conduits for fomenting trouble before, during and after the elections. The National Union of ICU-Ghana, therefore, wishes to advise all workers to stay away from any person who will want to influence them to involve in any illegal acts that could undermine the peace and stability in the country in this year’s elections.

The statement concluded that, in all Ghanaian workers have done very well, throughout the year and we do appreciate them. On this note, I salute all our gallant workers of Ghana. Long live ICU- Ghana.

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