ECL & VMWare’s digital transformation: shaping the future of work


IT stakeholders from diverse industries have come together to explore the future of work at a workshop organised by Enaterprise Computing Ltd. (ECL) and VMWare. The focal points discussed were Digital Workspace, Digital Employee Experience and Zero Trust Security.

Sydney Sosoo, VMWare’s Partner Business Manager West and Central Africa, summarised the event’s essence, saying: “This is all about making technology work for us. This is the future of work, where productivity knows no boundaries. It is also about staying ahead of the curve. Simplifying device management and enhancing user experience is a game-changer”.

A holistic approach to challenges

Large enterprises often contend with compliance and governance challenges. ECL and VMWare have addressed these head-on, offering solutions that not only ensure compliance but also elevate governance to new heights.

In a dynamic work landscape where flexibility reigns supreme, the event emphasised the importance of choice. They presented flexible deployment options – On-site or Cloud – recognising that adaptability is key in the evolving work environment.

Security also took centre-stage as the training unveilled comprehensive solutions and highlighted ways of giving organisations control over access policies.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) resonated deeply with attendees managing diverse endpoints in a distributed work environment.

VMWare Workspace ONE: unleashing the future of work

Workspace ONE, the talk of the day, is all about eliminating silos by integrating multiple consoles into a single, cohesive platform for simplified and agile device management. It enhances visibility, encouraging seamless collaboration among teams.

This platform streamlines app-management, reduces administrative tasks and enables remote teams to access and upgrade apps swiftly. Consequently, it enhances productivity, significantly reduces provisioning time and allows remote teams to work immediately, while freeing-up IT teams to focus on value-adding tasks.

Workspace ONE also offers real-time, zero-trust security, granting access only when needed, with over-the-air configuration for timely security policy updates.

As the event concluded at the Alisa North Ridge Hotel, attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose. ECL and VMWare had illuminated the path toward a more productive, secure and flexible future. This event was a rallying point for IT stakeholders, all eager to redefine how they work. With ECL and VMWare’s partnership, innovation beckons.

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