Ecobank, HDG Homes sign mortgage financing partnership agreement


HDG Homes Limited and Ecobank Ghana PLC recently signed a partnership agreement to, among others, offer mortgage financing support to clients who are desirous of acquiring landed properties developed by HDG Homes or its subsidiaries. HDG Homes is the anchor developer for Airport City Kumasi – a US$300million development project, situated on a 55-acre prime location in Kumasi.

The Airport City Kumasi project represents a pioneering endeavour on the African continent, offering customers a diverse range of residential options including suites, apartments, penthouses and townhouses, catering to the preferences and lifestyles of clients.

The estate will also house a comprehensive array of amenities and facilities: such as malls to create a vibrant shopping experience; a dedicated financial district; a multi-storey car park for residents and visitors; a state-of-the-art events centre; well-equipped office spaces; premium hotels and serene parks; a school; and a hospital to provide healthcare services.

With the international airport opening in Kumasi, and with direct flights to and from various international airports, Airport City Kumasi will be an obvious destination of choice in Ghana. With its location in the middle belt of Ghana, Airport City Kumasi will be a hub for transnational and intra-country travels.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Stephen Owusu – Founder and CEO of HDG Homes Limited said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ecobank on the Kensington Heights, our first development in Airport City Kumasi. The Kensington Heights is a 2-tower apartment block with rooftop pool and lounge overlooking the Kumasi international airport”.

He further emphasised that: “The remarkable growth and development of Airport City-Kumasi marks an exciting chapter in the region’s urban landscape. As the ecosystem of Airport City continues to flourish, we are committed to fostering sustainable and inclusive progress.

“With our unwavering dedication to creating a modern community that prioritises convenience, luxury living, wellness and innovation, Airport City-Kumasi will become a sought-after destination for residents, businesses and visitors alike. We look forward to continued success for this partnership and dynamic ecosystem as we strive to exceed expectations, unlock opportunities and shape the future of urban living in Ghana.”

On his part, Executive Director and Head of Consumer Banking-Ecobank Ghana, Dr. Edward Botchway said: “This is a partnership that ensures we can offer even more opportunities to our clients; hence for some individuals it will be an investment opportunity, and for others it will be a residential property.  We continue offering more value to our clients, and on a consistent basis bring interesting and exciting products and services to them. Indeed, it is a great time to bank with Ecobank”.

Present at the ceremony were senior officials of both Ecobank Ghana and HDG Homes.

Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank Ghana Plc is a subsidiary of the Ecobank Group, the leading independent pan-African banking group. The Ecobank Group employs over 15,000 people and serves about 20 million customers in the consumer, commercial and corporate banking sectors across 33 African countries. The Group has a banking licence in France and representative offices in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Johannesburg, South Africa; Beijing, China; London, the UK; and Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The Group offers a full suite of banking products, services and solutions – including deposit accounts, loans, cash management, advisory, trade, securities, wealth and asset management. Ecobank Transnational Incorporated is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchanges in Lagos, the Ghana Stock Exchange in Accra, and the Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières in Abidjan.

HDG Homes

HDG Homes is the anchor developer for Airport City-Kumasi. As the anchor developer, it gives us the opportunity to take a holistic view of the entire 50-plus acres of land situated at the Kumasi International Airport. Airport City-Kumasi will be one of the largest modern cities in West Africa, and will bring over US$300million worth of investment to Ghana. This will accelerate the transformation of Kumasi into a commerce hub for Ghana and West Africa.

Our multi-family roots have cultivated a ‘focus on the resident’ approach to all we do. On every project, we start with who will occupy the space and how they will utilise it. We then layer in the insights of our operations teams to ensure we have well-conceived common areas and leasable areas, with an eye toward a timeless design, durable finishes and efficient building systems.

We are passionate about details, design and operational efficiency, and every project starts with a vision that aligns a thoughtful site plan with the ultimate needs of people destined for the final product.

This commitment to a deep understanding of each project allows a focus on operating efficiencies balanced with project feasibility.  We are constantly refining and innovating to deliver timeless real estate that serves the evolving needs of the families, guests, colleagues and patrons of our projects. We view each project as part of our legacy within the fabric of the communities where we work and live.

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