Do you know Visa’s protection guarantee as it promotes e-payments? (4)


 “With Visa, you can feel complete card confidence wherever you go. Our multiple layers of security prevent, detect and resolve unauthorised use of your card information” – Visa

This series about the promised Visa safe and secure guarantee started with the background that not many Ghanaians are so convinced about virtual society sermons being preached these days.

For many, what is the difference if Zenith, Stanchart or GCBBank are all preaching Visa? Have our banks improved all of sudden because their plastic cards are Visa-branded? Or there is something special about Visa that these banks are not explaining to us clearly enough in their adverts on TV, Radio or in the newspapers?

If I am to separate Visa on it’s on as a Ghanaian account holder without any of the banks preaching it, what is the unique selling proposition (USP) of Visa? Even though the Ghanaian account holder is seeking to   learn how unique Visa is in securing his/her electronic transactions, the banks are assuming that it’s enough to just add the tagline ‘and its visa compliant’.

The likes of Shoprite and the GAME cannot continue to assume that people automatically understand the branding VISA attaches to their point of sale devices (POS).

Trust me, there is a countless number of people who will always have cards in their wallets and still prefer to pay with cash – even at places like the GAME. As we push for a more cashless society, communicating the various e-products and demystifying all the technicalities will go a long way to boost consumer confidence.

So we have looked at what Visa implies if it says their multiple layers of security not only prevent but also detect in real-time when a fraudulent activity is ongoing.

We have always had our monies in our wallets or purses. And as long as we can feel that it’s where we kept it, we have the guarantee that it is safe and we have control over our monies. What’s more? The fact that it is readily accessible to us, being just pocket-deep away, is even more assuring.

To now go virtual with our monies, the average Ghanaian is asking if he/she can still have that amount of control and safety as in the case of handling his/her own cash. And so the series is about reinforcing the safety and security we can have in virtual money transactions.

Visa is saying that the entire responsibility of preventing fraud does not rest only with them, but you the card holder also have a role to play

What you should know

And so, knowing what to do is as essential as having the Visa-branded card itself. For the majority of us who use our cards only for withdrawals at ATMs, we should remember that you have to feel safe and comfortable when using the ATM next time. If not, move to the next one with surroundings that feel safe before using your card. Fraudsters have devised various ways of stealing your card information for their dubious use. They might just be watching you. You are also encouraged to keep your receipts and cross-check them against your monthly statements… and don’t forget to keep your PIN private.

And when you happen to be using your card online, you should beware of fake websites which require your account details. It is essential to have SMS/email alerts on your account so as to keep an eye on all transactions.

Visa’s Real-time Monitoring

Visa has technology that is constantly monitoring while transactions are ongoing. They are looking out for some anomalies: incorrect billing addresses being inputted; unusual spending amounts; using the cards at impossible different locations within a defined time-frame. So, Visa promises to be on the alert whenever your card details are being used for a transaction.

Resolving the Issue.

We all appreciate that irrespective of how prepared one can be, the unfortunate does happen. Visa knows this, and so in promising you a complete guarantee they are saying:


You must know which number to call when you suspect fraud on your account. You should always have your bank’s customer care number at hand, so as to quickly report fraudulent activities and have the card blocked.

With the liability assurance, Visa is saying that you should confidently use your card the next time you visit Shoprite, Melcom or the GAME – because not only is your details being protected but they will shoulder all the responsibility for unauthorised transactions on your card.



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