GPA to introduce benchmark prices for members


The Ghana Plumbers Association (GPA) president, Joshua K. Nyamavor, has revealed plans to introduce standards for members.

The standards include accepted practices and prices of services, and are planned ahead of the World Plumbing Day celebration on March 11, 2023. The new standards will be announced during roadshows in Accra on Thursday 9 March, Kumasi on Wednesday, March 22 – which coincides with World Water Day – and Tamale on Friday 31 March, 2023.

He said the new standard prices have become necessary as the association wants to achieve a fair transaction for both parties – plumbers and clients, adding that the new step taken will enable the public to have a fair knowledge of the rates they are likely to pay whenever they call for services of a plumber; and plumbers, on the other hand, will also have confidence to demand the value for a job well done.

Mr. Nyamavor added that prior to settling on the new rates there was broad stakeholder consultation within and outside the country: “We talked to our peers in other countries, and some have gone past the unit rates we are using here and are charging per hour”.

“With the standard prices, our members will not be short-changed by estate developers that mostly pay less than five percent of the total cost of plumbing materials,” he added.

Commenting on future prospects for the plumbing profession, Mr. Nyamavor said the market looks promising despite the plethora of challenges it faces. He also believes the presence of foreign companies will improve standards and quality of services.

“The plumbing industry in Ghana is growing and promising. We currently have more companies coming into the country to produce plumbing materials such as pipes and fittings, with others producing water-tanks. There are also a number of dealers in fittings,” he said.

Again, he added that the manufacturing companies’ presence gives them an opportunity to serve as an incentive for them to produce materials which are of the higher standards.

“Plumbing materials being manufactured here is an advantage to us, because when we notice any sub-standard plumbing materials we can approach the company and ask them to produce quality products since their current products do not meet our standards; unlike imported products with which we do not have direct access to their producers.

“Going forward, we want to have the power to control some of these things – particularly issues of quality and standards; so, having more manufacturers here is a good start,” he noted.

World plumbing day

World Plumbing Day, an initiative by the World Plumbing Council (WPC), is an international event held on March 11 every year to recognise the significant role plumbing plays in societal health.

The WPC has been drumming home the benefits of safe plumbing, but in 2010 it decided to dedicate a specific Day on the world’s calendar to appreciate the importance of plumbing globally.

The Day is marked by celebrations, competitions, seminars and activities around the world. On this Day – March 11, people in the plumbing fraternity come together to learn, share knowledge, build connections and find opportunities to collaborate in improving the quality of and access to fresh water and safe sanitation.


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