#OutstandingBrands2022: Your go-to urban culture spot, the YFM experience


The year 2021, was filled with highs and lows and COVID-19 still remained a prominent component but that did not stop brands from forging ahead.

Amidst the contemplating minds of fully recovering from the dire hits of the COVID-19 pandemic, YFM Ghana, Ghana’s number one urban radio station, was committed to entertaining, inspiring, guiding, motivating and sharing in the values of its listeners by contributing to the everyday life of the Ghanaian citizen in given areas as politics, education, entertainment, sports, entrepreneurship, events among others.

Y Leaderboard Series

Ranging from a series of events and shows, YFM informed, educated, and entertained with its ‘Y Leaderboard Series’. The programme is an authoritative talk show that has hosted and highlighted brilliant journeys of over 40 leaders across fields of politics, telecommunication, entrepreneurship, hospitality, events, and education.

The ‘Y Leaderboard Series’, since 2020, seeks to give each listener something to be inspired about. It guides the youth in choosing the right path to success with insightful ideas shared by astute leaders hosted on the show from the likes of the legendary actor David Dontoh; veteran broadcaster, Tommy Annan Forson; Educationist, Professor Elsie Effah Kaufman; financial expert and business mogul, John Awuah among many others.

Y Holiday Havoc

Contributing its quota to the economic gains of the country, YFM launched the ‘Y Holiday Havoc’ programme to support key events and activities creating unforgettable memories for revealers during the festive season. ‘Y Holiday Havoc’ formed partnership with major festivals, concerts, and parties and supported these events in marketing, promotion, ticket sales, and on-air talents experiences.

World Youth Day

The leading urban and youth-oriented radio station also commemorated last year’s World Youth Day which was celebrated on August 12 by highlighting the contribution and role of the youth in the progress of the economy.

For a brand committed to the youth and their well-being, YFM Ghana while celebrating World Youth Day was thrilled to recount its massive contribution to shaping the future of the Ghanaian youth through its talent development initiatives like ‘Area Codes’ which continues to unearth and expose the Ghanaian youth talent to the world.

Yzz Up

In April 2021, the ‘Yzz Up’ campaign was also organized to entreat the general public on the need to continuously observe all COVID-19 protocols. The campaign was aired on other media platforms to sensitize Ghanaians of the new normal. The ‘Yzz Up’ campaign was packed with other mini events as #Yratedlive to thrill music lovers and a donation session, held to impact the lives of many Ghanaians.

Other Activities

Other projects such as the #Mother’s Day activation also came through presenting to lucky mothers around Kumasi, Takoradi, and Accra with amazing gift prices as well as the launch of #YTadiAt10 tied with the opening of a newly refurbished studio at the Takoradi mall and the #YRapture show which was organized to find the next rap god.

YFM Ghana in 2021 was able to embark on redesigning the YFM website to meet up with new trends and bring compelling content to its audience.

A month of infinity jam was organized in August with several events including the #pooltournamnet and #theyfmswitchedition and September came through with the Brain Bank quiz contest, the PM 2 AM Rave, and the Zebra crossing painting, an event which was done to keep pedestrians safe.

Other projects include World Environment Day, the plastic recycling challenge, the Youth Connect Summit, YFM Dialogues, the annual Y-rated awards held to celebrate hardworking music artists in the industry. Then there was the Insomnia Night, and an amazing partnership with the National Science and Maths quiz was implemented.

As a brand focused more on the interest of the Ghanaian youth, YFM Ghana is dedicated to identifying the basic and complex needs of youths in order to provide solutions best to solve these problems.

YFM Ghana promotes an improved individual youth lifestyle for everyone irrespective of their differences. YFM Ghana through a series of partnerships is only committed to becoming a part of people’s, thus an experience of a lifetime that isn’t provided by any other media outlet.

Wishing all our listeners, followers and the entire Ghanaian community a ‘Happy New Year’, YFM Ghana promises a grandstand and an exciting 2022 filled with lots of exciting content and activities for all.


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