Jibu to provide franchise, support to entrepreneurs  


Chief Executive Officer for Jibu Ghana, Galen Michael Welsch, has said the company is ready to provide franchise and financial support to entrepreneurs who are willing to start their own water business across the country.

According to him, it is the belief of the company to create opportunities for individuals who are willing to work and own their business, hence, taking up this challenge.

“We believe in partnering local entrepreneurs and giving them the opportunity to own businesses. For example, there are some who have completed school without any job. It’s very heartbreaking that you spend all the time in school, come back home and not find anything to do. We want those who are hungry to work to assist them to open their own enterprise. If you want to venture into water business, we give you support,” he said during the launch of Jibu Ghana’s head office at Madina in Accra.

Aside from supporting them with funds, he also mentioned that the company will provide requisite skills and knowledge needed for the business to thrive. He stressed that Jibu Ghana is willing to work with only hardworking individuals who are poised to grow with them.

He further stated that Jibu Ghana will be the hub for the African markets to produce quality and affordable water to all people.

Mr. Welsch stated that the goal is to launch many outlets across the capital and beyond, with Madina being the first one and also serving as the head office to the company.

Launched as a social enterprise, their mission is to equip local entrepreneurs to start their own drinking water businesses and other central services. He also mentioned that the company has invested so much into high standard machines for the treatment of the water.

Speaking on why they chose Ghana as the hub in Africa for Jibu, he said Ghana became the perfect choice due to the constant use of sachet water in the country. He added that the aim of Jibu coming up with the refill bottles is to do away with the sachet that is polluting the environment.

“We actually did an analysis of all sub-Saharan Africa and looked at all the countries. We looked at Ghana, and realised it’s the perfect place because everyone is using sachet water, so we looked at the price of sachets and thought of a better alternative. The first opportunity is to actually replace sachet water and have people refill instead,” he explained.

Jibu uses an advanced multi-phased filtration system using internationally recognised technology to remove harmful microorganisms in water such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, among others.

About Jibu Ghana

Jibu Ghana is a social enterprise that equips entrepreneurs to use their own water treatment and bottling equipment to become successful enterprises for selling clean water at a price that is affordable for the majority of the population. Jibu is already in six other countries, with over 10,000 retail points.

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