Adjo&Kojo’s No Reason for Rhyme: Shamelessly Esoteric


Fear, transient

Yet every second of it, true

Fear all over

Fear no longer there but here

Conquering only happens when new fears found


Fear, baseless

Yet every minute of it, true


Fears in formation they stay far too long

Could shrug, shove, shoo ’em off

An invention of the mind, says I

Yet here, there’s proof

Each day, proof!


Is this mere fear or a total loss of self?


Without self—selfless?

Mad, about-bound, unclad?

Or am I to be sacrificed for truth

This secretive universe

Me, selfless

Gifting the world with truth?


And acceptance of this sacrifice

Would that fantasy, escape, or gift be?

Or is it fatalism?


No enlightenment gifted

Only a punishment meted?

For the search—for this selflessness?

A Job

Punished for what crime he knows not



True fear, transient but true

Fear, no longer here but there

Conquering only happens when new fears found

Fears lost to new fears found

Making fear now both foe and friend

Solution, distraction from this loss of self


After all

Isn’t this fear now true for past distractions scant?

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