KPMG citizenship initiative for Abelenkpe Community Basic School  


KPMG remains at the forefront of serving and strengthening our markets and communities in tangible ways through citizenship. It is core to our purpose and part of our legacy.

As part of our citizenship initiatives, the Advisory Unit led the firmwide citizenship project for the Abelenkpe Community Basic School. This was in two phases, the first phase (which was completed last year) was the completion of the school block. The second phase was the renovation of the washrooms for Primary School pupils, Kindergarten pupils, and Teachers, as well as a shower installation (for the kindergarten pupils).

KPMG is happy to announce that the renovation of the washrooms has now been completed! The generous contributions from staff and partners are what helped KPMG to uphold the ‘Together & For Better’ values of the firm while making a huge difference in the everyday lives of the pupils at the school.

The firm is committed to working together with the school for the better and looks forward to furthering collaborations in the future in serving and strengthening our communities, advancing education, and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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