IT solutions offshoring to Africa: bemddops – the tech company serving solutions to global brands  


A decade ago, US-based Ghanaian IT developer Ed Cyprian had an ingenious idea that is cooking up a storm in the Ghanaian and African tech climate, and he is now serving it to the world’s biggest companies.

He was visiting Ghana on holiday and a client needed a development upgrade done. Not an impossible task; however, based on the turnaround time required by the client and the quoted budget it would be nearly impossible to get his US-based team to drop other projects and focus on this request.

Thus, he needed a team he could guide to execute locally – and in record time, too. He was introduced to a group of budding young Ghanaian software developers who were more than eager to bring their tech savvy to bear on the project. Suffice it to say the collaboration was a resounding success – well-executed and right on time with a happy client to boast of. And it was then that he had his light-bulb moment.

Why not build on this team of skilled Ghanaian software developers and techies who could churn out work in record time; equip them with all the tools and resources his US-based team has at their disposal; and utilise them as an offshore team for his US-based clients?

That idea birthed bemddops, an innovative technology solution enterprise that, 10 years on, has provided offshore software development services to 100+ clients across the globe and counting.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, with the African HQ based in Accra, Ghana, Bemddops now has a series of innovation labs and satellite offices across the continent – training and working with young ambitious African tech minds to provide technological solutions and services including infrastructure, applications, engineering and business processes.

The success of Bemddops is indicative of Africa’s largely untapped resource potential, and what can be achieved when the young African is equipped with the right tools and training to develop. The potential is limitless.

Today, Africa is the youngest continent in the world, with a median age of about 19 years. For comparison, the median ages in Asia, North America, and Europe are 32, 39 and 42 years respectively.

According to the World Bank, around 12 million African youth enter the job market each year. Building on their successes over the last decade, bemddops is dedicated to changing the narrative of African dependence on foreign resources to develop.

Global businesses can now also rely on skilled African resources to fast-track execution and business growth. Business process offshoring to Africa is an efficient and cost-effective endeavour for every global company.

The obvious talent pool aside, Africa costs less and pays less – making it an ideal offshore outsourcing destination for affordable resources and human capital. The cost of living in Africa is relatively lower than in popular offshoring hubs like India, Poland, Mexico and China. A global organisation can afford to spend less in Africa to get the same or even higher output compared to their onshore setup.

To top it off, time zones in Africa are conveniently positioned for engaging global clients and coordinating business activities in real-time. It also helps ensure round-the-clock production and/or service delivery.

In short, by offshoring to African nations global businesses can harness a large pool of working-age people who are agile, motivated, tech-savvy and well-trained at a lower cost; who work on their time to achieve their goals. Bemddops is leading the way in this African tech revolution that the world is fast taking notice of, and we are here for it.

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