AgroConnect ‘Farm school’ to train youth in agribusiness, targets food security


AgroConnect Ghana and the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) has launched an agribusiness development initiative to train the youth in farming and agribusiness with the aim of improving food security.

AgroConnect seeks to combine capacity building, development and training opportunities in Africa’s agric ecosystems, with the initiative financially supported by the Singapore private sector.

Also, Singapore’s public sector, including government agencies and ministries would provide some other non-financial support to the initiative.

Speaking at the launch of the project in Accra, Project Director at AgroConnect, Amma Gyampo, noted that her outfit will focus on smallholder farmer capacity building, that will impart training and skills to the youth, while targeting local foods, regional markets and higher incomes for farmers.

“AgroConnect is an initiative launched to attract Singapore private investment in a farmer training platform in Ghana in order to target the much-needed food security and improve farmer incomes.

Agriculture is at the core of everything we do in Ghana and we believe the youth are key in the progress we can make and we are looking at working with them closely on the farm school,” she said.

Fatima Ali Mohammed, who is Chair of AgroConnect Ghana and double as the Chair of the Agribusiness sector at the Association of Ghana Industries, also stated AgroConnect’s commitment to collaborate with the Singapore corporate entities and the agricultural community and ecosystem, to enhance food security and tackle over-dependence on imported goods.

“Food insecurity is real and it seems we all are burying our heads in the sand and running away from this reality that is facing us. The pandemic clearly showed us how dependent we were on imports and our only chance for survival is to move to localization for our own food basket.

How can we have got to a situation where at one point, one kilo of onions was more expensive than a liter of fuel,” she further quizzed, adding: “AgroConnect is committed to partner Ghanaian agricultural ventures for a sustainable, liveable and more inclusive future.

On his part, Marc Liew of SCE said: “We are very happy to support the AgroConnect initative in Ghana, and we believe this is the start to a great partnership for youth entrepreneurship and agriculture for both Ghana and Singapore.”

AgroConnect Ghana is led by SCE for project management with technical lead, Holland Greentech, as the on-ground execution partner in Ghana.

The Event was attended by dignitaries including representatives from Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), National Youth Authority, the Office of the President Diaspora Affairs office, Fidelity Bank and Omni Bank,  and key ministries and agencies amongst others.

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