Miss Ghana 2022 finale comes off this Sunday, Aug 14


Inviting all to come witness a historical and magical night of beauty, poise, intelligence and entertainment on Sunday, August 14, 2022, at 6pm sharp at The Avenue Event Centre by Unique Floral, East Airport, Accra.

Historic and magical night because we are celebrating 65 years of empowering women, positively impacting lives of the less privilege, setting the pace in entertainment and fashion industries, promoting Ghanaian art, culture, textiles & tourism.

Some of the thrilling acts will be by Mr. Fantasy himself- Shugalord, Queen of Afro Highlife- Arabella, and Zakia Kunge. Special performance by Mr. Ghana 2014, Nii Takie Laryea and many more

Grab your tickets online via ticketmiller.com or call.

☎️: +233 30 818 165/+233 54 969 0497

+233 54 432 9299

The dress code is strictly black tie OR TRADITIONAL ATTIRE

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Kessie Baroness Abrema (1)

I am Kessie Baroness Abrema. I am 20 years of age, I love to socialise and I love to assist people when they are in need and I have the resources to do so. My mission is to help young youths (females) try to setup something for themselves and stop going after older men and fraud boys for money and iPhone.My goal is to empower young ladies never to be disappointed in them. I must be voted for as Miss Ghana 2022 in order to help achieve my mission, inspire the youth and be a model for them; especially girls.THANKYOU.#vote1 #votebaroness *711*51#

Francisca Selorm Agama (2)

My name is Francisca Selorm Masiku Agama. I am 24 years old. A Psychology and human development graduate from Regent University College. I love to read, sing and sketch.The mind is our power house, for any change to take place; it is traced to the mind.I would urge you all to support me on my journey to becoming the next Miss Ghana so I could reach the Ghanaian society with the responsibilities and privileges of service that comes with being a purposefully beautiful Ghanaian lady, to intensify mental health awareness.My goal is to empower us all to understand that it is ok not to be ok and there should be no room for stigma when mental health issues are raised because to me, an improvement in mental health is key to our wellbeing.#vote2 #votefrancisca *711*51#

Irene Vanessa Vifah (3)

My name is Irene Vanessa Vifah, I’m a 27 year-old lady and the last of eight children (six girls and two boys).Born in Italy to Ghanaian parents (Ashanti mum and Ewe Dad), I moved to Ghana when I was shy of three years old to be raised by my grandmother (of blessed memory) in Kumasi. I had my Basic School education at KNUST Basic School in Kumasi, went to St. Louis Senior High School (also in Kumasi) and had my undergraduate and graduate education from the University of Ghana.I’m a versatile, driven and ambitious woman with multifaceted skills. My ambitions are mainly driven by how much I care. I’m passionate about women empowerment and believe it is everyone’s duty to support this cause.I help women adopt healthy lifestyles as a wellness and accountability expert at TNYOU, and I’m also a model. I just started my main career path in Marketing as a Digital Strategist.I’m a staunch believer and God is the source of my confidence. In my spare time, I like to read, cook or try new things.
Given the opportunity to be Miss Ghana 2022, I will endeavour to hatch a two-sided project focused on under-privileged children and young women.  #vote3 #voteirenevanessa*711*51#

Rukayatu sweetie Yakubu (4) 

Rukayatu Yakubu is my name. I am 22 years old. I come from Worawora in the Oti region of Ghana. I am ambitious, career oriented and a very optimistic person and I have a good eye for beauty and aestheticMy mission statement is to be able to explore my passion and to use feminism to represent other issues. Also to be a good role model to the society and empower women to go for what they thrive and that you don’t have to have it all to take the step in achieving your goals but you learn along the way. My goal is to advocate on mental health and depression and to use the opportunity to make the best of my potential and contribute to the organisation’s growth. Also, to seek a challenging position in the Miss Ghana competition to expand my knowledge. #vote4 #voterukayatu*711*51#

Cassandra Emefa Agbana (5)

If I win the Miss Ghana title, i would use my title to increase awareness of volunteering to help those less fortunate than myself. I would strongly advocate for mental health awareness and fight for the education of a girl child. I enjoy modelling and traveling the world. Please help me increase my chances of winning Miss Ghana 2022 title by voting: #vote5 #voteemefa *711*51#

Deborah Esi Wilson aka Mimi Brown (7)  

Hi Lovely People of Ghana,My name is Deborah Ewuraesi Wilson, with the Brand name Mimi Brown. A final year student of Takoradi Technical University, offering HND in hospitality management.I believe the purpose of life is just not to be beautiful or happy, but to be productive and useful in the Society to make a difference in the world.I love to dance, I love adventure and I love cooking.I deem it a great honour to be part of this year’s Miss Ghana 2022 and I am looking forward for your vote to keep me in this competition.My goal is to inspire, motivate and uplift young women to the realization that they are strong independent and capable, that they can accomplish whatever they set to do.Thank you so much and see you on stage.#vote7 #votemimi*711*51#

Miriam Xorlasi Tordzeagbo (8)

My name is Miriam Xorlasi Tordzeagbo and I am 22years old. I am a proud teacher who loves to enlighten others with knowledge. My future goals are to own a renowned restaurant and a home for the aged.

I am passionate about the Aged and my mission is to further my project which is to support the sick aged; because I believe it is one area which has been overlooked in our society.

My goals is to make history by bringing home the first ever miss world crown and this I can achieve by working hand in hand with the Miss Ghana Foundation#vote8 #votemiriam*711*51#

Esther Naa Odey Mensah (9) 

Esther Mensah is my name and 26 years of age. My mission is to organize the world information to make it universally accessible and useful. And also my lifelong goal is to reduce streetism, by providing shelter and education for them.

If I Esther Naa Odey Mensah should be given the title as Miss Ghana 2022, I will make sure I put the brand back on the map because been a leader comes with alot of responsibilities as there’s a proverb which says” To whom much is given much is expected” I will make sure I work hard for others to also gain from it.

Thank you.#vote9 #voteesther*711*51#

Diana Delali Dey (10)

I have seen and witnessed how difficult life is for children with special needs. It saddens my heart to see these children who have dreams just like all other normal children, forgo their dreams just because there is no one to help which is why I have taken it upon myself to champion the course of promoting catering for the needs of children with special needs and also help promote inclusive education.

My name is Diana Delali Dey, I am twenty two years old. I am ambitious, hardworking; I love to care for others and also to give.  It is my dream to become Miss Ghana 2022 so that I can use this platform as an opportunity to be a voice for these children who seem to have been forgotten.

It is my goal to bring the attention of the entire nation and the world on them so that we can all support them to achieve their dreams in life. Thank you.#vote10 #votediana  

Florence Teye  Narh (11)

My name is Florence Teye Narh also known as Maamle. I am 23 years old, I love to swim, cook and have adventures with my friends. I am bold, hardworking and passionate about self-development and entrepreneurship.

My goal is to support other young ladies like myself who are ready to be equipped with new skills and mentored so they can improve and become better versions of themselves.

WHY MISS GHANA? I know Miss Ghana is looking for bold, hardworking, beautiful ladies who are ready to impact the society positively and I believe I have all these qualities and more to impact lives. Also, to contribute to the quality work Which Miss Ghana foundation is already engaged in.Thank You#vote11 #voteflorence*711*51#   

Dzifa Dzudzor (12)

Hello Ghana, My name is Millicent Dzifa Dzudzor and I am 26years old. I hail from the Volta Region; however, I was born and raised in Bolgatanga, the Upper East Region and permanently resident in Accra, Ghana.

I am a graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon, where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Administration and a Master’s degree in International Relations-LECIAD.In December 2016, I lost someone who I never thought I will lose, especially not that soon, but in my grief, I learnt to live life more freely and more so be intentional, resilient and tenacious in pursuance of all my endeavours.

I aspire to be a light, an example to the many young women and children in our society and across the globe; loving myself, my experiences, family, others and life, striving every day to be more patient, charitable, empathetic, kind and to live life with integrity and a smile.

In order to realise these goals and aspirations, I will need your unwavering support, especially your prayers and votes on my journey to becoming Miss Ghana 2022.Akpe na wo kataa, M’puheya zoezoe, Na gode, Meda mu ase, Mida ny3shie, Thank you. #vote12 #votedzifa*711*51#

Angela Ohenewaa Acquaah (13)

Currently I’m a medical student at Novgorod State University in Russia. I grew up in Dansoman and always found myself in hospitals because my aunt was a nurse and I remember going with her to work every weekend. Those trips greatly influenced my childhood and even adulthood because the sight of people at the brink of death because they couldn’t afford healthcare and disabled children lacking the necessary resources to improve their condition made me want to divulge in healthcare and positively impact in any way possible, hence my career choice.My intentions are to complete my medical programme and set up a medical centre for the differently abled in society.Health as they say is wealth. And for this reason I want to improve the health of the average Ghanaian by improving sanitation, improving the quality of food and water and creating more awareness on the need for personal hygiene.I should be voted for as Miss Ghana because I’ve done the groundwork and necessary research to see to it that my goals and prospective projects are a success and I have the passion to take the Miss Ghana Organization to the next level and expand its’ reach.#vote13 #voteangela*711*51#  

Eunice Esi Esaaba Essien (15) 

Eunice Esi Esaaba Essien is my name. I am a student of the University of Professional Studies and I study public relations. I am Fante from the beautiful Central Region of Ghana, Precisely Winneba. I speak Twi, Fante and English. My mission is to inspire while making positive changes in our community or town. My goal is to become the best version of myself. I want to be a member of parliament. Over the years, I’ve followed Miss Ghana; it has been my dream to be a part of this prestigious pageant. I believe through this platform I will learn, build myself as an individual and impact lives one way or the other. There’s a project at heart I want to embark on, I trust Miss Ghana Foundation to be a number one to help my project come alive. I intend to build a vocational institute in my hometown to help young people learn skills like dressmaking make up, beads making, carpentry, catering etc.I believe in helping and being kind to people, I have come to learn that you don’t need to have it all before you can help people. The little you have can put a smile on someone’s face and as humans these act are the major things we can do to bring change. #vote15 #voteesi*711*51#

Naa Yirenkyiwaa Ellis-Awuku (16)

Hiya!  My name is Naa Yirenkyiwaa Ellis-Awuku. I am a student of Datalink University-Tema currently pursuing in Msc in Strategic Management. I am Fante and Ga. I am honoured to represent the northern part of Ghana. I am very much fond of cooking hence the reason I actually own a small scale business with my mum called Yiren’s Fante bakes. Acting, dancing, listening to music, traveling and taking shoots are my favourite thing to do. Apart from this I am a fitness enthusiast. I mostly love to be surrounded by my family and loved ones. The reason I joined Miss Ghana 2022 is to help channel me into greater opportunities to be able to have that platform to accomplish my purpose; to provide an educational environment like schools, library and lavatory for the less privileged children especially in most villages in Ghana.
#vote16 #voteyirenkyiwaa *711*51#  

Gladys Cassandra Bugashie (17)

Bennett once said “You are only great to the degree you impacted others with your life”. Gladys Cassandra Bugashie is my name, and I am a contestant in this year’s Miss Ghana Pageant. I believe that Miss Ghana is a platform for me to make all these intentions known to the world; to build connections and relationships which will go a long way in helping the less privileged.I am a very passionate person; I respect and acknowledge the efforts of others. I really like to be loved and cared for; that is why I love to also care and show love to others, you can only give what you have.I look forward to not only speaking words into people’s lives but also to invest in them. I am passionate about helping individuals who have little or no means of survival, to hope and believe in themselves again. Please do not hesitate to vote for me because I need all your love and support.Thank you Ghana!#vote17 #votecassie *711*51# 

Rocklyn Krampah (18)

I am in the person of ROCKLYN ELINAM KRAMPAH. I am 19 years of age and the only child of my parents.  I come from Kpando in the Volta Region. I completed my junior high school level at Kingscourt International School, Ashaiman, completed my secondary school level at Datus International School, Tema and currently a level 100 student of the University of Ghana studying Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, English and Theatre Arts.My career ambition is to become an educational psychologist. I love to sing, dance and cook. My role model is Oprah Winfrey due her determination to achieve her goals in spite of all the challenges she faced.I should be voted for as the next Queen of Miss Ghana Pageant because I possess the qualities of a Queen and it will be a huge platform for me to share with the whole nation my dreams and aims that will not only benefit my region but the whole country.My project will be on Mental Health amongst the Youth.My mission statement to empower women, motivate the youth and help the less privileged in society.Thank you#vote18 #voterocklyn *711*51# 





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