30 Accra Shoppers qualify for big finals of Malls’ Travel Trivia

Downtown Cape Town – one of the three holiday destinations for the winning shoppers.

Thirty shoppers have qualified for the much-anticipated finals of the ‘Triple Travel Trivia’ promotion in which three emerging winners will grab slots for all-expense-paid trips to three sensational holiday destinations around the world.

Accra’s three leading shopping malls, West Hills Mall, Accra Mall and Achimota Retail Centre, jointly launched the ‘Triple Travel Trivia’ a month ago as a loyalty reward promo for their shoppers and also to infuse some excitement into the respective shopping experience at the malls.

The winning shopper in the West Hills Mall trivia will earn a holiday trip to Dubai, while the winners at Accra Mall and Achimota Mall fly to holiday destinations in Mauritius and Cape Town respectively. All three holiday slots have been pre-packaged to allow winners to travel with their partner, both of whom will be fully covered by the prize, comprising all-expense-paid flights, destination tours and accommodation, in addition to US$ 2,000 spending money for a stay of five days and four nights at the destination. Entries for the promo closed at all the malls last Wednesday, March 14, and the final trivia game is set to take place separately at each of the three malls on Friday, 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March.

The trivia is open to shoppers who, over the promo period, spent a minimum of Ghc300 at any shop or a number of shops at West Hills Mall, Accra Mall or Achimota Mall respectively. Shoppers’ entry slips are filled out  with their personal and shopping information and dropped into an Entry Box for a public draw by the National Gaming Commission to shortlist 30 finalists – ten from each mall.

Mr. Victor Adu Amankwa MIS Manager at the National Gaming Commission disclosed, after he led a team to conduct three separate draws to select 10 finalists for each of the three malls, that over 3,400 shoppers took part in the Triple Travel Trivia promo.

An expatriate shopper and his son are invited to hit the button for the tenth lucky qualifier at West Hills Mall, as officials of the Gaming Commission look on.

Once an entry was picked electronically from among the lot, an official of the Gaming Commission would instantly and publicly dial the shopper’s given phone number to inform them about their selection among the last 10 for the final Trivia and about how close they are to winning a free holiday trip abroad.

Mr. Jonathan Lotter, Asset Manager for AttAfrica Ghana Portfolio, said, “because the prizes at stake are of very high value (all-expense-paid trips to three dreamland destinations), credibility and fair play are critical, and that’s why I’m particularly happy that these draws to select the 30 finalists were conducted by the National Gaming Commission itself.”

Mr. Michael Konadu, Marketing Manager for West Hills Mall, explained that each of the three malls will host its own final trivia game night on either March 23, 24 and 25 respectively at which the qualifying shoppers will compete to grab one of the three holiday slots.

‘Now that we know the challengers for all three trivia showdowns, let’s all brace ourselves for thrilling encounters with our participant shoppers and see who get to win these enticing summer holiday prizes,” said Mr. Konadu.

He said the final trivia games have been planned to be exceptionally recreational for all and each final event at all three malls would be moderated by Trigmatic, a celebrated Ghanaian musician and popular host on ‘Y’FM.

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