Globe Production, Spanish Embassy present ‘5 HHHhh vhhhours with Mario’ in Sept


Globe Productions, in partnership with the Spanish Embassy, has successfully launched a Latif Abubakar adaptation of Miguel Delibes play ‘5 Hours with Mario’.

This, according to Playwright Latif Abubakar, is to spark international relationships with the Embassy of Spain and Globe Productions at deepening the Spain-Ghana relationship beyond traditional trades to arts and culture.

The play will be staged on September 3-4, 2022, with seasoned characters such as Naa Ashorkor at the Accra International Conference Centre in Accra.

Latif Abubakar noted that as pacesetters of the virtual play Covid-19, the record 3.5 million views as well as stage in Ghana’s first open theatre their dreams of projecting Africa theatre to the world is becoming a reality with the launch of this play.

Giving details of the play, he said that: “An adaptation of Miguel Delibes’ 5 hours with Mario, one of the best most popular Spanish novels, is a very moving book with touches of comedy by the renowned Spanish writer.

The writer has an acute social sense. The novel addresses two of the writer’s favorite themes, the authenticity of rural life compared to life in the city and for me that is the selling point for the play. He was comparing the authenticity of rural life to life in the city and death as the ultimate milestone in human life.

“The success of the work led to its transfer to the theatre and to the cinema. Arguably this is the first adaptation of the novel to the Ghanaian and afrocentric stages and it will surely make an impact not only in Ghana and Spain but across the world.

The book is a reflection to humanity as a whole and theatre we believe is the best place to demonstrate it. The reason for the Ghanaian adaptation is the fact that it will help us reflect on our society. The adaptation reflects humanity in the Ghanaian culture and perspective. After the death of Mario, the play tells of how his wife, Dzidzor, watches over his body and shares light on their perspective personalities and their conflicts throughout their marriages,” Latif Abubakar highlighted.

Deputy Head of Mission, Spanish Embassy, Diego Sppottorno for his part expressed excitement for the new relationship being built between the two countries aside trade and other aspects of the economy.

He believes the timing of the play is right especially when the world is going through difficulties with the Russia Ukraine war and also recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is a success that will be shared. It is a historic thing. The Ambassador of Spain, the ministry of foreign affairs believes deeply in the need to strengthen the cultural links between Ghana and Spain. We have done a lot together, music, exhibition etc. but this the first time we are doing a stage play together.

I want to express how deeply honoured we are to get the blessings and sponsorship of the Miguel Delibes Foundation, without them, this play wouldn’t be staged in Ghana. In order to enjoy, we need to take into consideration the timing it is being played.

It has been played in a time of difficulties because of the Russian-Ukraine war, covid, it is a beautiful thing that we are actually pushing for this play right now. I know this play will be of great enjoyment of the people of Ghana. I believe you are going to love it, it’s going to be beautiful. I hope we are going to work together in many areas, Mr. Sppottorno said.

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