Accra City Hotel looks to scaling up sustainability credentials

Accra City Hotel looks to scaling up sustainability credentials

Accra City Hotel is poised to deepen its credentials as an environmentally conscious and sustainable hospitality provider. The hotel is an International Standards Organisation (ISO) certified property for its sustainability programme, with established protocols for energy conservation, waste segregation and cutting down on food waste.

This is in addition to maintaining excellent and competitive service standards of true Ghanaian origin with a global appeal.

In an interview with VoyagesAfriq, newly appointed Acting General Manager of Accra City Hotel, Divine Martey, disclosed that to further entrench its sustainability positioning, the hotel is working toward adapting some of the SDGs.

“To place us more strategically, we want to adapt five of the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs) and develop a sustainability report which will show on our website, so that the whole world will see that we want to be part of the green world,” he said.

He said further that they have strict routines for food and general waste that are in line with best sustainable practices.

“With the waste food, we have a company that picks up the waste and also does segregation. We segregate into three main areas; that is, organic, paper, and plastic, and we have dedicated bins for that. We also have separate entries for both the raw food and waste food so that we do not contaminate anything in the process,” Mr. Martey said.

The Acting General Manager revealed the hotel is looking forward to rolling out a comprehensive programme toward eliminating single-use plastics.

He added that Accra City Hotel is bent on continuing with its tradition of top-notch guest experience when it comes to service delivery.

“We want to serve them better; we want to improve their experience, and we currently have questionnaires which are in a QR code form. We have one for the rooms, one for our conferencing, and one for the restaurant; and we encourage everyone that when you use our facility, let us know the positives and negatives and how we could serve you better. We will also make sure that when you visit us again, the experience will be different,” Mr. Martey emphasised.

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