#SAFreedomDAY2022: Patricia Bluehrose Mojakgolo


A South African Visual Artist based in Ghana. C.E.O at Patti Blueh Art and Design.

She has been in the field of art, working for herself for the past five (5) years. Prior to that, she worked for corporate leading companies in South Africa including

Liberty Health, Metropolitan health and Old Mutual health. She’s partnered with a couple of renowned bodies for Art exhibition including The Heritage and Cultural Society of Africa (HACSA)

Throughout her life she has been displaying creativity by recycling and creating crafts for home and events deco. Her paintings vividly capture the distinctive customs of African subjects, from the precious bonding experience between mothers and daughters through hair braiding to the duty of community leaders in protecting their villages. Patti Blueh’s bold pieces permit the viewer to journey to African communities and spaces without having to board a plane.

Patti Blueh’s enthusiasm for African culture is unmistakable through her artwork, they tell a story of African values of community, strength and love. The paintings are both rich and diverse in style, guaranteed to appeal to every visitor.

Patti Blueh is a try artist (as she calls herself); not only focused of 1 style of painting, her displays are diverse in style as well, and you’re most guaranteed that you will always find something to your taste.

Recently, on the 20th of November, 2021, Patti Blueh was awarded ‘Discovery of the Year’ by Ghana Arts and Culture – a moment we are all proud of. She promises to work harder to bring the people of the world together on one canvas.



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